Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia - Game Over


How do you write a will? What’s the purpose of it?
Maybe I should have read the rules but alas!


Each night you can submit a will to GP, replacing your old will. Basically it’s insurance that if you die you leave useful information for your fellow townies


i guess they didn’t leave a will, which sucks,


4 hours remaining.


What kinda info, like my killer has rainbow glasses kinda stuff?


Extending the phase by 24 hours on account of nobody having voted.


They’re the only one not to comment on the situation, soooo…

[Vote] Kaito


Yeah, let’s do it.

[Vote] Kaito


[Vote] Kaito

It’s our only lead really


[vote] Kaito

hmm I’ll vote for this, only because he looks inactive and its D1


[Vote] Kaito

Those without input tend to be suspect more often than not.


[Vote] Kaito

Gonna agree with y’all.


That’s… Sudden. It feels wrong af.

Nobody said i cant abstain so,
[vote] nobody


Time’s up!

Night One

Well aware of the rumours of corruption, the assembled guests turned on Sergeant Grey. Little did they know that he had long since changed his ways.

Kaito, Sergeant Grey, died. They were the Cop.


Thanks y’all
I don’t mind dying
Sorry for being inactive O_O

Day Two

The killers selected their next target and moved on them without haste, locating Colonel Mustard alone in the conservatory that night. The former soldier had fallen asleep in his chair and was an easy victim. One of them took to him with a knife as the others stood watch.

Hearing someone coming, the killers fled the scene. It wasn’t long before another of the guests entered the room and was able to administer first aid to Colonel Mustard.

Nobody died.



just wanna say, im suss of the ones that quickly hopped and turned it into a bandwagon, namely ec and dedenne. it feels too weird to latch on to some rando at first sight.

ill continue thinking


It’s not that weird to go for someone who’s silent, especially because mafia is usually not all that active in thread, which made me suspicious of Kaito/Yuki.

Though I’m not sure why you would name me and EC specifically? I mean 4 other people voted for him besides me and EC and Spaget was the first to vote so it’s kind of suss for you to point it out :wobbthonk:

  1. spaget is a celebrity, so its obviously not them
  2. ec and you were the next ones to immediately hop in, starting the initial wagon.

also, as much as how usual it is for mafia to be silent, mafia is also much of a talker. most of the time their talks however, do not contribute much at all.