Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia - Game Over


Absolutely rip


Do we have a vig?


Alright, whoever’s responsible, please come forward.


My best guess is that we have a veteran, which as a friendly reminder kills anyone that targets them (sometimes it’s an activated thing, though). The other alternative is that we have a “trapmaster” character that throws the veteran effect on someone, and is thus likely mafia due to its lethal nature.

Or we could have a Werewolf scenario on our hands, which kills a target and kills people who target it.


What a lovely beginning

So we are in the dark as to each roles ability? :eyes:


That’s a lot of abilities to consider…

I was wondering the same thing :eyes:


That’s fascinating if true.


How do you beat something that kills whatever targets it? I’m hoping that’s not the case. ._."


Vet is town in most games, man this makes me remember that game where Saws vig killed like 3 innos. Also spaget it’s probably not a great idea for a role as important as vig to step foward.




Vigilant, a role that gets a night kill every night.


Well, we gotta start somewhere, yeah? I’ll be interested to see what the others think of the situation…


Really, Vigs just reek of scum, due to how similar their nightkill is with the Mafia kill. It’s all too easy for one to claim Vig, so unless one can come forth with solid evidence it’s probably best to treat Vig claims as “Hey, I’m mafia!”

Speaking of, we don’t exactly know if Specifice is actually town or not. Sure, we got a role reveal on Night Zero, but at the same time we don’t know anything about their alignment beyond "they may not have a role beyond “hey here’s my role”


I think we’re screwed with all these murderers, good and bad, running around.


I have no idea what the day post (names anyway) is talking about. I think professor plums death was a mafia thing and mason just managed to visit either the mafia or professor idk and got killed because of it.


Maybe this is just because I only played one type of clue, but I only recognize a few of the roles from there. Like Scarlett, Plum, White, Peacock, etc. So perhaps those people are the town, aka Zoska and others are the mafia?

Probably too simple but we should get an idea from the “will” from what I read up on.


Only if there’s a will submitted for me to leave and there wasn’t.


yeah, i think starting today, all of us should write wills. although i think one things for sure, we do have a mafia that could manipulate wills. i dont think gp would make a game with wills without anyone able to change them.


Do we even have any information to leave in them? ">_>


Something as simple as who we targeted is generally the norm from what I’ve seen of Town of Salem streams, so yes, we do.