Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia

Mr. Black made a lot of enemies as he grew his wealth and expanded his corporate empire, so it should have come as no surprise to find that among the guests invited to his remote mansion holiday home lurked some who would do him harm. In the dead of night while the guests were thought to sleep, Mr. Black was murdered.

Now it’s a race against time, can the killer remove all who could give evidence and escape before they are discovered?

The Game

For all intents and purposes, this is a pretty standard twelve-person game of Mafia, so if you need to learn the basics, make sure you check out the guide in our About thread.

There are however a couple of differences from other typical games. Firstly, the roles in this games are a mystery. You will be provided with a list of characters that potentially you will be able to gain some idea of the roles from. But the actual roles and alignments of those characters will not be revealed. Basically, trust nothing.

The second change, is that instead of the Mafia Hub’s traditional death posts, you will not be allowed to post in the thread at all once dead. Instead, we will be utilising the classic EpicMafia feature of wills. Each night, you will be able to write a will (erasing your previous one so remember to resubmit any important info from the last). That will is then revealed upon your death, sharing any information contained within.

The Suspects

Miss Scarlet

Colonel Mustard

Mrs White

Reverend Green

Mrs Peacock

Professor Plum

Miss Peach

Monsieur Brunette

Madame Rose

Sergeant Grey

Mr. Slate

Dr. Orchid

The Rules
  1. All standard SZ and Mafia Hub Rules apply.
  2. Day phases will be 48 hours. Night phases will be 24 hours. You may not post in this thread during the Night.
  3. Do not PM share.
  4. Do not discuss game-related information outside this thread unless in a specified chat.
  5. If you’re dead, you’re dead. You have a will so there’s no need to haunt the thread.
  6. Missing two votes in a row may result in you being removed from the game. As can failing to post at least twice in a day phase.
  7. Format votes as [Vote] Username

The Players

Glitter as The GM

Desox as Reverend Green, The Mason. (Town)

Salzorrah as ???
Canas as ???

Zoska as Professor Plum, The Monkey. (Town)

Dedenne as ???
EvilChameleon as ???
Specifice as ???
Kaito as ???
Kitty as ???
Wrath-o-Los as ???
Ho-oh as ???








Yeet me up




As I said in the interest thread, I am interested. Sign me up!


I wanna try!


I want to play as well!


Idk what clue is but sure


You’ve never played clue(do)?





If I don’t have enough players by Friday I’ll cut some roles. Thanks for the patience guys.


hi this is friday so this is me in!


Role PMs incoming.

Night Zero

Mr. Black’s corpse tucked away in a chest freezer, the denizens of his mansion returned to their rooms, for a time all was quiet. The air in the building was uneasy however, as soon some of those present were sneaking about.

Specifice, Miss Peacock, is here. Holy shit! They’re famous!


Where are my night actions people?

Day One

In the end, only a few truly dared brave the night, one such person having malevolent intent. They visited Professor Plum, creeping into his room and slitting his throat. Unaware that Reverend Green had seen them out and about.

When the Reverend went to confront them about it however, he was in for a shock. The door opened to reveal a blade plunging for his neck.

Zoska, Professor Plum, died. They were the Monkey.

Desox, Reverend Green, died. They were the Mason.


So far mafia games on this forum have not had good starts for town.