Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


Lol y’all never saw me coming

Town aligned hitman to start, I killed GP.
I got thrown into a banquet with Gunner and learned her alignment
Then Zoska recruited me to the cult
I told her to recruit Gunner and Sam
Shiny gave me a doll, and I gave it to Zoska my “leader”
Then Sam recruited me to mafia, but I knew Zoska was going to recruit him so I took out Zoska as mafia
And then I cyborged Desox, didn’t know if we could win, but I knew I could reason with anyone as to why I was innocent or why Desox was.

And if I cyborged Zoska instead of killing her we all could have won as mafia. Too bad I was unsure, but I’ll take second.

So yeah, y’all gave me a lot of information, yw for the win btw Desox


would have been fun
if u cyborg’d the cult leader all the cult would be cyborgs
and u could have all won :joy:


Motherf- :hyperangryeyesINTENSIFIES:


I almost feel bad for you getting last but me and Sam took a 50 50 chance of you taking me back or going for my pick, Sam. And in the end it worked out well :smirk:


Never trusting Dedenne again. Actual villain.


I was on your team I swear. But I had a feeling you wouldn’t take me back, eventhough I served you so well :sadgery:

So if you wouldn’t bring me with you to first place, I thought it’d be better to just, well kill you I guess.


What, no! I trusted Dedenne and Desox cuz I learned your alignments too early on, noooooo!

This cultist thing sounds extremely complicated…I didn’t know people could actually change alignments.



Just you wait.




I say we lynch Dedenne Day 1 for the next 5 games for this.


I’m so conflicted. I wanna agree because fuck him for killing me.
But he also won me the game so…

Let’s go right down the middle and make it three?


Y’all salty af haha

Did I mention I technically made Shiny win as well by giving Zoska the doll and then killing her knowing she wouldn’t move the doll?



Ya see, GP. I was gonna agree with you and go for three.

But then this little shit says:

And now I’m upping it to 10.


I didn’t expect to win but my creepy dolls and that last bit with Sal really helped me out. I didn’t expect Sal to go like /that/ though…RIP!!

Either way, a fun twist of events! Thanks everyone<3




Also Dede… you didn’t make me win LOOOOLL!! I gave my last doll to Sal who also died. Unless you had something to do with that but she or Desox probably would’ve died by town voting to lynch them, don’t try taking credit for my win :eyes:


No more trust. This betrayal won’t be forgotten.




People to never trust in a mafia game ever:


Also, I was right calling out Desox, he seemed too fishy knowing a lot about the game

Biggest misplay here was trusting Dedenne in the first place smh


Tbf all the dolls went woth the ones who died
And sam

Id say thats a triple win :joy: