Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


By the way I wanted to get opinions on something that I thought of while I was sitting in bed last night (yes I think about mafia while I fall asleep pls don’t judge)

Do we still think there’s a tailor? Did they just happen to not suit fawful or???



I think the tea has definitely been spilled. xD


Good luck, fellas. :wink: Don’t forget trust!


##Vote EC

Lol u messed up boi.

We’re coming for you next, Gunner.

In answer to Sam, Fawful’s death semi confirms no tailor.


That’s a good thing, then. It means GP really was with the mafia. Still not sure how he died, but it doesn’t really matter right now.


We’ll know, because there being 3 mafias, with EC and Salzorrah practically confirmed, if we do not win uh oh, something’s wrong. Although, we should keep watching for bussy behaviour and group thinking too, because it could continue cos there’s a cult and not cos we were wrong.



Shut up u


##Lynch EC

He always looked at me wrong! Ya know, all evil n’ such!!


First off

##vote EC


I honestly got the notification from Chura a night after I supposedly got it and forgot that I had it with me, hence why I didnt mention it.

As for voting Spaget, I didn’t vote based on what Spaget said, and more on the lines of I needed to vote someone and Spaget happened to be the one that hasn’t been voted by anyone. Spaget insinuating that I was protecting EC is purely coincidental, and no sane mafia would ever try to protect another, that’s such a big risk.

What I am super interested on is Desox.

  1. Fawful told Desox about the knife, how would Desox know about it? Fawful was a jailer, she couldn’t have gotten that info unless she got it from the person who gave the knife to me on N1, and told Desox, but that seems too trusting of Fawful to give that info to a person she doesn’t even know is inno.

  2. Interesting how I find that the only wrong play I ever done was I failed to tell that I had a knife, and voted someone that had suspicions on (which btw everyone has done so), and yet Desox bandwagons on what Spaget says RIGHT after giving his findings, that to me seems like Desox is trying to shut me up.

If you really want to know my plans for this knife, I’m like 80% sure on stabbing Desox with it because honestly I just see scum in his eyes. The only reason why I’m not doing it is because I just want to give the benefit of the doubt.


oops I’m super late lol

##lynch EvilChameleon


You made a question just to answer yourself.

Now you did it twice.

Oh yeah? Like when Fawful told me about Sam? You’re literally writing my whole alibi. If I were inventing all of this, the Sam part just conveniently confirmed my story, eh?

Don’t play this ‘benefit of the doubt’ thing with me. It’s you and EC the ones who are under the spotlight. And since when is bandwagoning bringing information that correlates with what Spaget said?

And remember kiddos, when I’m dead next day, you know who’s to blame. Or Gunner can just stab me, it’s a fake knive after all.


You do realize that if you die the next day, mafia has a perfect chance to throw me under the bus, me being mafia or not. That’s simple mafia tactics.

Also how do you know and sure it’s a fake knife??? Even I don’t know if it’s even fake, and if it were fake, why didn’t you let it slip and let me find out it was fake by using it, now there’s no way of me using it hmmm???


Night Three

Oooooooooooooooooooooo I’m a spoopy ghost and I’m haunting the thread right now because the GM’s too sick to stop me. Look at me doing haunty ghost things mwahahahahaha. Also EC died.

EvilChameleon died! They were the mafia aligned Medusa.


day four

soooooooo… im still sick. basically forgot to mention that buzzing, whirring, and gear-like noise during the day when people got invited thanks gp :catflip:but yeah ec died that’s for sure.

a ton of people died today too. it’s actually pretty hilarious. the bodies are amazing too, there’s some metal bits to the side too. maybe something happened before they all died, who knows?

zoska has died! she was the third party cult leader
salzorrah has died! she was the third party cultist
tyler has died! he was the third party cultist
sam has died! he was the third party cultist

captainbutter won! they were the third party creepy girl.
however, the game can still continue with the remaining participants.

obligatory pings
@Dedenne @Glitter @Wrath-o-Los @Conos @Desox @Specifice @Ho-Oh @Zoska @EvilChameleon @Summerbreeze @Salzorrah @Tyler @Sam @TeaLeaf @Shiny


How could this happen to me~


Are we going for second place now?

Also it’s what she deserved.


zzzt-- game over!

the newest cyborg, dedenne, stepped up and watched as sam got culted last night, and pulled the bomb to make them all explode into smithereens.

“sorry sam,” he said, pushing the bomb, “but someone’s gotta spill the tea.”

and now, he was alone. he was alone with only the mechanizing equipment and his mafia nightkill. everyone was dead. so the first thing he did… was to get a random town, the closest gunsmith made in china, desox the fabricator, and knocked him unconscious and started the conversion phase.

with 2 robots and 2 town, it was clear how this was going to go.
the robot invasion has begun.

mafia won!
evil chameleon (medusa), dedenne (cyborg), glitter (monkey), and desox (cyborg) win!

ill reveal trivia and roles later in the morning

obligatory pings
@Dedenne @Glitter @Wrath-o-Los @Conos @Desox @Specifice @Ho-Oh @Zoska@EvilChameleon @Summerbreeze @Salzorrah @Tyler @Sam @TeaLeaf @Shiny


I’m really not sure how I feel about Dedenne both killing me and being responsible for my victory.


had to recount it bc what’s left originally was
3 town | 1 mafia

then someone did a recruit
2 town | 2 mafia

forgot third party doesnt count anymore bc they won already