Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


Anyone have any leads?


I wanna see what EC and Salzorrah have to say. Because when I mentioned how neutral EC’s responses seemed, Salzzorah immediately tried to vote me off.


I’m interested in everyone’s reactions, but particularly EC’s cause like this

and then this

Going directly for a player and then abstaining, and on the second day when we really can’t afford another abstain hmm :thinking:


The lead I have is that I was imprisoned by Fawful last night so oof, and before you question me for this I can prove it: last time Fawful imprisoned Sam, as I was told.

So to Fawful’s judgement Sam is inno and also I am or I’d been dead too.

EDIT: Fawful also told me something interesting bout N0 Salzorrah. Care to explain why haven’t you outed your knife?


Ok why be so indecise, after all. The evidence is contundent enough and I agree with Specifice’s read.

##Vote Salzorrah


I trust Desox and Dedenne. EC and Salzorrah are looking incredibly sketchy.

##Vote [Salzorrah]


OH! After looking through the roles again I understood something. After visiting EC last night, it seems like I was turned to stone. I’m certain he’s Mafia.



##unvote Salzorrah
##Vote EvilChameleon

Salzorrah you’re next

Wait no forgot the random alignment part. EC’s not necessarily mafia medusa, but still is on the watch. Thing is, case on Salzorrah is more solid. If only alignment wasn’t random, we’d have two mafs.


If he gets voted anyway, then what does he have to lose by killing me? I can guarantee at the very least that he’s not town. If I’m going to die, I at least want to get that information out.

(And I trust you and Dedenne to bring them to justice. :eyes:)


Howdy I’m exhausted as fuck but I did want to pop in and say that it’s true that I was jailed. Hence why I opted for a no lynch yesterday :confused:

Edit: posted this by accident too early. Wanted to add that I trust Desox a ton, and I’m DYING to hear from EC and Salzorrah :eyes: spill the tea, girlies!


You should have gone for the head.


Oh, crumbs…

and just like that, the people who turned to stone crumbled into tiny tiny pebbles.
i’d say gravel but i’m not sure if that’s the right term really. but yes, tiny tiny pebbles, rolling down the deep.

Specifice has died! They were the town aligned psychic.
Tealeaf has died! They were the town aligned oracle.

As the dust settles, something interesting occurs.
EvilChameleon was medusa!, a voice yelled, booming to everyone in the vicinity


oh right i forgot

obligatory pings
@Dedenne @Glitter @Wrath-o-Los @Conos @Desox @Specifice @Ho-Oh @Zoska@EvilChameleon @Summerbreeze @Salzorrah @Tyler @Sam @TeaLeaf @Shiny





What the actual fuck


##Vote [EC]???

I’m gonna be real, I have no clue what the heck just happened



yeah we’re getting you gone now; looks like EC tried to cash in on his medusa prizes, shame the oracle was targeting him really (or so it looks like)



##[Vote] Sam


The fuck I said spill the tea not kill spaget

##lynch [EC]


##lynch [EC]

It’s piping hot!