Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


I agree. And that something is abstaining.

##Vote [Nobody]


I don’t know if that’s gonna turn out in our favor if we just continue to let them kill us. :confused:


I don’t think it hurts to rand vote at this point. It’s better than being killed one by one.

##vote TeaLeaf


My second game on Safari Zone, second time being random voted first lol.

Now that townies have started dying it might be worth a random vote. ##Vote [CaptainButter]


I really can’t vote anyone with confidence

##Vote [Nobody]


Agree with Ho Oh, not with EC. A player means a vote, and losing a player each night without doing anything grows mafias chances.
Even if we hit town, we could at least say we tried.


##Vote Zoska


We need to vote soon,

I’m voting based upon activity so, ##Vote [CaptainButter]


Basing votes on activity makes no sense and isn’t fair >I!!

It’s hard to even make a vote but mm, I’ll ##Vote Zoska


I mean, it’s a valid tactic only if everyone agrees to vote for one specific person, otherwise you are wasting your vote.


I saw someone else vote Zoska too, we’re all picking at straws right now


##Vote [EvilChameleon]

As someone who’s (I think) a Mafia regular, I found your replies relatively…neutral and short.


Pretty sure its been 2 days
I have 2 more hours before i get off work
So you guys need to like
Vote or something


##vote Specifice

yeah, while i do think that no voting still makes sense, we might as well rand vote and see what reads we can generate from this.


##Vote [CaptainButter]

I just a vote in response. I haven’t fully read through the thread of this day yet.


##Vote [NULL]

I feel like we still have too little information to share at the moment, and could do with an additional night to gather intel. Unless there’s something like a blackmailer (which I STRONGLY doubt), I feel I’ll have enough information to make a vote on the next day phase.


##VOTE Desox

Your move.


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night 2

amazingly enough even though i was about to get the coin, the people who wanted to go about the day peacefully won in the end.maybe because of the app. was it the fact that they didn’t know anything? or was it the fact that they’re all confused as hell?

maybe the next day will give everyone the answers they hoped to have.

Nobody died!

this is the point where i say 24 hours before day but don’t take my word for it i’ve learned this the hard way on me myself and i but i’m trying note to self get an alarm for this

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day 3

it’s actually an eventful fucking day for once i guess. the first thing i see is someone dead. second are the pebbles. there’s not much, but geez. third are again, you’d probably get bored of reading it over and over, the invitations… or invitation, i suppose. all in all some interesting stuff.

really sad that the jailer died. he was planning on teaming up with me on leaving sneaky notes into the phase change in the future days but that won’t happen anymore. :broken_heart:

fawful has died!
he was the town sided jailer

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All I have to say is good luck Town!