Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


Because im a slow shit
Ill be ending the day in 2 hours


night 1
Was a quiet…ish… Day. Things went quite neutral, with hushed whispers to the side. And so they chose not to kill anybody for now. Was it a good decision? Find out next time on cyom!

nobody died

Day would be in 24 hours now i swear

Send actions please! If nothing is sent ill be assuming you abstain.


Day 2
well that was an interesting kerfuffle. seems like people learned something new and something interesting. people got together, people talked (it was actually pretty civil), and people got invited yet again.

sadly, our lovely chef died. that’s one set of invites down.

Canas has died!
He was a town aligned chef.

48 hours until night. please remember to start votes with ## !

obligatory pings
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“One set of invites down?” Do the people who get the invites die?


What I think is being referred to, is that’s one role who Kitty has to invite to a separate conversation for.

Which considering how many players and the fact each submitted 3 roles, is very worrying; Inb4 a group of Templars win the game lmfao.

Anyway, gunna trawl back and see who has been harping on at Canas and go from there.


I’m guessing it means that there IS a tailor and whoever killed Canas wanted him not to push on that…?


@Ho-Oh, I don’t think there is a tailor… I mean it’s an obvious play, and I bet mafia is trying to use that to our advantage…


How can you just kill the chef like that? Unbelievable.


Assuming there WAS rhyme or reason behind canas being killed, then yeah. He was probably offed because of the tailor comment. Either because he was onto something or they want us to think he was onto something.

It also could’ve been a random kill. We really don’t know kdjdjdjdn

I’d like to hear at least one post from everyone today just so we can have a bit of discourse. Oh, and that bit about learning new information. Let’s hope that’s a good thing.


Mind explaining what a tailor is? Again with me not being an EpicMafia player

For what we know, Canas could have been targeted to create a false positive. Even if it was just a “eh we need to kill SOMEONE” night, he would have been a prime target to sow confusion given what he said last day phase.


A tailor:

  • Visits one person every night.
  • That person receives a suit chosen by the Tailor.
  • If that person dies, his/her role will be revealed as whatever the suit is.
  • Sided with the mafia.

Anyways, Im not so sure on the tailor pick, from what I can tell it’s one of the les favored roles and it would be too obvious for the mafia to kill Canas because he was onto something right?

Albeit the mafia has very little to go on right now and is just targeting who they think have powerful roles.


If that is the case then that could be pretty tricky to deal with.


The tailor is literal hell to deal with so if that’s the scenario we’re in I’m going to cry actual tears


Oh cool a WIFOM with Tailor…

I’ll go believing tailor is in this game based on the fact there’s a high chance people who are really experienced would have not doubted to put tailor in a mafia game in which the roles are decided by the players, and to top it off, randomly. aligned


Tailor is a possibility I guess, but I don’t think mafia would be that obvious about it if there was a tailor (maybe there isn’t a tailor but the mafia want us to think there is one? Makes sense to me, because it means that if town thinks there is a tailor, then we would doubt any investigative abilities that involve alignment.)


I think it is the Tailor


Tailor or Taylor?


You mean Tyler?

What is ##Tailor?


We voting Tyler? Okay!


Uh the time is getting shorter so idk what we’re gonna do but we have to do something.