Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


I have roughly 1/3 actions after accidentally falling asleep whoops

I’ll start the game when i wake up again


Day 1
nothing much happened tbh. there weren’t tons of messages passed around, in fact people were disappointed about that lmao but there’s certainly some interesting happenings with invitations to people. were they good or were they bad? only :fufu: knows.

ignore that messy pile of glitter there, he wasn’t… needed anymore.

Glitter has died!
He was a mafia aligned monkey.

48 hours until night. please remember to start votes with ##!

obligatory pings
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Well, that’s gotta be a good start.


Nice start!

also where is this :fufu: and how can we get them to tell us what they know? :stuck_out_tongue:


Does that confirm a vigilante role??


It might be a tailor. Since I find it unlikely that the maf just forgot to send their actions (tho the mafia did almost forget to send their actions last game, I had to send it like 10 mins before the night ended)


Did… did the mafia kill one of their own?


So here’s the possibilities, as far as I see it.

-Glitter requested out, and for whatever reason Kitty did what they did.
-There was a busser, and they redirected Maf’s NK to target their own.
-Glitter is a “scum townie” that shows up as Maf when killed, or there was a role that does something like that (i.e. a framer).
-Vigilante got a lucky shot off

I’m more familiar with MafiaScum/Town of Salem than EpicMafia, so mind clarifying what a Monkey does?


Oof, good shit.

Monkey is usually a town aligned role. It chooses one person to “see” and one person to “do”. If the person they see performs an action, the monkey blocks them and performs that action on the person they chose to “do”.

So if someone got roleblocked, GP might’ve been the one behind it.


It’s also quite fun going into this without knowing a single role.


I reckon there could have been some Trapper or Granny shenanigans, probably much more likely than a vig shooting N0 (because what kind of sane person does that?). A town-aligned Driver could be possible (like a Town of Salem Transporter, I guess?) Framer can only affect cop reports according to EpicMafia, although there might be another role that can make someone appear maf upon death (maybe something like Tailor, which can give people different “suits”? They can act every night too, so if there is one in the game we might not be able to trust the death reveals. I’m not 100% sure how the suits work though.)

Personally I think Trapper/Granny is most likely, but as the game progresses we should get more information that would help us determine whether there is a Tailor or not. Although, the Trapper/Granny theory does rely on either GP being the one to carry out the mafia kill (probably instead of his regular action?) or GP was performing his regular action and whoever was carrying out the mafia kill was blocked, because there was only one death and not two.



I’m not 100% sure but wouldn’t granny be counted as one of the banned immune roles? If so, that would rule that scenario out.


oh yeah I forgot that was a thing, ignore granny then.
Trapper could still be in though


We could also have an “activated” variation of Veteran, where they have to decide if they want to activate on a night or not at the cost of expending one of their skill’s charges. Again though, I’m not too familiar with EpicMafia, so if that’s not a thing just disregard me


I think the most likely scenario of the ones listed is that we have a vigilante. I don’t think the phases each character acts in are changed at all, just if they’re town or mafia or the third party. All the others seem to be too much for Kitty to implement, though I’m still new so maybe idk.


I agree that the vig shooting N0 is probably the most straightforward and likely scenario (ur not supposed to do that but it worked out so wig)

Then again, the mafia kill getting bussed onto themselves also kind of seems likely to me considering there was no other death


I guess it could have been a crazy Vig (if there is a vig I’m sorry lol), but there would also have to be a Doc to stop the mafia kill going through right? Or does the vig kill stop the mafia kill if they get the person who is supposed to be carrying it out?

Another possibility could be that one of the third parties is a Killer and a Doc saved the mafia kill target. Explains why they’re killing on the first night.


If it’s a monkey role, did they have a will lying around? Probably not, though :c


If not Tailored, there was probably a Driver or Trapper involved, yeah.

I’d take the Tailor route in any game, but in this game in which role!=alignment, yeah I’m going the other way.

Oh, or the Vig thing… yeah.

I’d love to talk about these invitations… by default I’m talking Cult.


Ok so either vigilante or tailor… I’m probs leaning towards former though. Just because I doubt kitty would give a tailor a mafia alignment because shes a crazy fucker.

Invitations… hm. Does the cult actually invite people or just force people to join?