Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia

Choose Your Own Mafia: the mafia


yes its me im back with more of my bullshit mafia hello


all you need to do if youre in is send me your top three roles that you want to have (preferably in dms - Kitty#5494) and ill roll alignments, and then we’ll play a lovely game of mafia (not a standard game - your role does not decide your alignment; there can be a mafia aligned celebrity or a third party drunk)


  1. day phase is 48 hours, night is 24
  2. you’re allowed 1 death post that does not reveal any gamebreaking information
  3. no you cannot get the immortal/impossible roles as part of your top three also OFFICIAL ROLES only (as official meaning they can be found in epic mafia roles list anyway please spare me the googling)
  4. speaking of roles all roles will be unique (aka no duplicates) in this game that’s why i asked for top three
  5. oh right started mafia and sz rules apply duh
  6. and no pm sharing because yeah that’s bad
  7. votes are to be formatted as ##vote/kill/exterminate/fuck [name]. has to be two ## or it won’t count
  8. this is a lot of rules

asked questions:

  • are there going to be third party in terms of alignments?
    • depends. official confirmed alignments would be mentioned on n0 when the game starts
  • what do you mean by official roles?
    • the ones that are in the all tab when you click on the link (167 roles)
  • what do you mean by immortal/impossible?
    • the roles that cannot die - host, treestump, others (ill check the roles and mention to you immediately if it’s counted as immortal or not)
    • impossible roles are roles that affect the interface entirely - examples are the disguiser where you steal a player’s identity, lightkeeper where if they day nobody is supposed to know who is speaking and right now, that’s not possible in a forum setup
  • what are you going to do about roles that don’t suit their alignments?
    • make it so their suit their alignments. there’s going to be some slight differences (mostly on their win condition) but their abilities will mostly stay the same. for example, a town aligned cupid would have an alternate win condition where they win with town.
  • can i pick fool three times?
    • no

player count:
no true player count but will probs stop at 15 or so

Ones with check marks already have their chosen three

Dedenne ✓
Glitter ✓
Canas ✓
Wrath o los ✓
Desox ✓
Specifice ✓
Ho oh ✓
Zoska ✓
Evilchameleon ✓
Tyler ✓
Tealeaf ✓
Captain Butter ✓


im not reading any of that yet but im in




Can I just put fool 3 times? Also in


I mean why not?


Can I not N0 die this time? In.


I wanna play!




In :zoomeyes:


I’m in. Will send you my roles in the morning once I give the list a quick perusal.


in as well
i might not be able to be on every time tho


ues in


Time to win




yes I will join


I want to do this YESSS okay now lemme read


Ayyy thats 15!! Time to wait for responses~ ill keep everyone updated.


still waiting :eyes: @Sam @Salzorrah @Summerbreeze amazing how it’s all sssss
in the meantime i’ll be rolling the ones who have submitted to see what role they’ll be getting :’)


more updates
i’m now getting ready to send all the role pms and night will start soon :tm:


yo im finally here sorry for the wait but hey it’s all good right
u have 24 hours (with an extra 10 minutes) to send ur night actions to me here or on discord :heart:

as for the official alignment tally
there are 10 town, 3 mafia, and 2 third party people!
who knows what would happen though :fufu:

for reference
im pretty sure that automatically countdowns properly
but it’s gmt+8 11:00 PM

obligatory pings (so i won’t have to c/p next time)
@Dedenne @Glitter @Wrath-o-Los @Conos @Desox @Specifice @Ho-Oh @Zoska @EvilChameleon @Summerbreeze @Salzorrah @Tyler @Sam @TeaLeaf @Shiny