Carnivine & Baby Kanga series

Carnivine & Baby Kanga series


I think it makes sense to make the comic a coming-of-age story of the two young Pokémon Chomper and Kanga (or whatever their names will be) going on humorous adventures. Basically the comics for laughs, but also have a common theme tying the different strips together.


I support Chomper and Lil’ Chop because it’s also cute like a porkchop ehehehe.
Also I felt like Chomper was probably older?

Ok now here’s one extra thing that probably won’t change anything but.
As an artist, and the idea of doing a small comic for the pokemon.
Carnevine is difficult to draw/will have a huge contrast with Baby Kanga that might be difficult for a style? That’s just what I’m thinking of, going to have to try and work some style ideas out…


I certainly like the idea.

I have a suggestion on baby-Kanga name, inspired by what was done on a webzine I was running before Daily: turn it to the readers. We had nickname/nickname rating articles and I’d like to boost that back up.

Do a ‘we need a name for baby Kanga!’ article, invite responses on there and social media, rate a bunch of names in a follow-up article and pick the best one/do a poll. User engagement, fun little thing for early Zine life, and from there you can go into story adventures for the duo.


I can set up polls on social media like I did back on PC with PTT if you want


+1 for this idea, definitely the most engaging idea, and will allow you to pick a name that is widely liked. Plus you can use it to gain traction on SM. The more interaction in the early life, the better chances of growth via exposure.


Necroing this as I need Kanga’s name for the Shiny giveaway <3


this is still like
a great idea :smiley:

just wanted to bump bc zine is nearly ready if anyone wanted to talk more about ideas