Carnivine & Baby Kanga series

Carnivine & Baby Kanga series


So it’s been mentioned on and off over at Discord and seems to be picking up steam, so to collate our thoughts and give our section some padding, let’s discuss our series here in thread. A few things:

  • What format of article will this be? (Longform, strip, etc)
  • Potential for a different writer to cover each week?
  • Character names???
  • Ongoing or end after a certain time (potentially have ‘Seasons’ depending on how we get on)?
  • What will the story be about?!


Random thought and probably unlikely, but I think it would be cute as a comic strip if someone has time to draw it!

Should we actually have a story planned first before all this other stuff? Might be easier to decide who wants to write what and when, if there’s a general direction for the series.


Comic strip would be cute, but something less time consuming would maybe be a 3 short pannel strip, (à la and a story to accompany it? I don’t think the story should be overly long, or maybe we can switch between comic strip and written story


Added those in as extra points and if someone has the time then yes I’m digging the comic strip idea! I mean it could even be something akin to what newspapers and that might have at the bottom of our articles :eyes:

@bobandbill thoughts on how possible the above could be?


Definitely like this idea and it would be cute as a headliner or weekly series!

Not sure if I have anything more to add than a +1 at this point. If one of our artists is willing to do a weekly drawing based around a script, then I think that’d be amazing.


I was thinking of the names “Kanga” for the baby Kangaskhan and “Chomper” for the Carnivine, but the latter is mostly due to me forgetting the name “Carnivine” and calling it Chomper by default. Kanga may be a bit generic, though.


Well that seems extremely adorable. Comic strips are fun, but also children’s book like spot illustrations for short stories about them could be very adorable.


I think this is a fantastic idea because it would differentiate us from other competitors, and I think users would find the comics interesting.


+1 on Chomper tho

Kangabab for name?


don’t mind me, just testing quotes more

Alliteration. Chomper and Khanglie or something. :smiley:
Is that alliteration if it’s not the same thing or IDK it’s C’s and K’s and I think maybe it’s fun.


No haha Nina what you would want is something like Chomper and Canga if it was alliteration :stuck_out_tongue: but yes I think we need that for our dynamic duo (<- alliteration!)


Alliteration? Chomper and Lil Champ? Might make people think it’s a Machamp though…


Ah man, little champ is so cute, but it does sound like Machamp/Chop. As a a nick name though, that’s adorable.


Yeah sadly. Otherwise it would fit really well.

Chomper: Hey Lil Champ! You’re gonna win Worlds someday!

Lil Champ: Really Chomper? You mean it?!


Remove the 'Lil? I really like the idea of Champ for the name, it to me implies a big character and the fact it’s being used for our little Kanga is a nice touch, imo.


I feel like Lil Champ is a bit better for a nickname rather than a name, since “Champ” itself seems like the name of a Fighter, though Kangaskahn is not only not fighting, but weak to fighting.Though even Little Kanga is cute itself, hehe.


call him RooPaul

i’ll keep thinking


Then maybe the Kangaskhan can be Chople? The berry that decreases super-effective Fighting attack damage.

lol Chomper and Chople