Were you ever blessed enough to deal with them? Or were you gifted with straight teeth?
More importantly, can anyone beat my record of 11 years?


My parents forced me to pick between invisalign and braces at age 15 and then I had to go with invisaline because the braces would cut me so they got them for me and I slurred my words 2 too many times so I stopped wearing them…

I don’t have horrible teeth but an overbite and some space, the space is now gone yeet


Had braces and still have a back brace and retainer; meant to correct an underbite.


I only had my braces on for the duration of middle school; although kind of like glasses, they weren’t so much of a bother after a while and I got them off three years afterwards. I think my teeth are a lot better than they used to be, or so they’ve been told, although I still have to wear a retainer at tonight today; it’s still better than having braces though.




I wasn’t gifted with straight teeth, but I also wasn’t blessed enough to deal with them. I would fit in well in stereotypical England.

I had a dental plan rolling and was getting work done on my teeth to prepare for braces, but then lost my insurance - so that’s on hold.


I have naturally pretty straight teeth, but growing up I had a small overlap between two of my bottom teeth that the dentist suggested I see an orthodontist about. I was in 7th grade iirc, and was given braces for about 10 months to fix that.

They were really fun tbh, SUPER painful at first but I got used to it pretty quick and I loved swapping out the colours on my rubber bands. My friends made a game of guessing what colour I got every time I got them changed.