Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!

Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!


I knews it. Big brain strats win :zoomeyes:


Literally everything we were counting on, actually happened. GG


This quote amuses me.
I’m not even mad I lost this was just too great from the maf lol


JD’s post was pretty solid, though. Had he posted that earlier, he could’ve forced Kitty to shoot and that would’ve confirmed her as mafia.


I came on here about to fucking say “Hey wait, Spag probably gave Kitty another gun, why hasn’t she used it yet?” to see she killed me and then the game was over, welp-- GG guys!!


Why didn’t Kitty just end the game at the start of the day? lol.



Specifice and I fucked up lol.