Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!

Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!


:gun: :heart:

But its lylo (or mylo?) tho so we gotta actually think about it now

Jds defense is weird

“Im the town doof one here so obv the other two are mafia mates” were all town doofs except for specifice whos confirmed gundoof. :thonk:


I thought that you shot the gun that killed Johnny?


Yeah, I gave her that gun, but she’s still a Vanilla Doof. Also wth is LYLO?


Well, theres 5 players left.
3 are townies, the other two are mafia.
We only have ONE actually confirmed town and that’s Spaggy.

If we mislynch and hit a town today then it’s 2 town left, one townie gets killed tonight and it’s 1 townie against 2 mafia so mafia wins. If we lynch a mafia member today though, they’ll kill someone tonight and it’ll be 2 town against 1 maf.

If they ended up taking a risk and Kitty is mafia to make her appear inno I’d be shook but I’d love that playstyle for being risky.

Though…with me aiming to lynch JD, he was quick to say Magi and I are in cahoots so to use his own logic against him, he didn’t say anything about Kitty but maf always makes me look at too many options.

Also seems like a lil bit of salt with a disagreement that could’ve happened in the mafia chat and JD aired it out in public?


I think of all of you, I’m leaning Town the most with Shiny since she’s actively hunting and looking over posts to get reads. I’m more willing to believe Magi is Townie over jd, so that would leave jd and Kitty if this all turns out to be right. I swear, the more I think over these games the more paranoid I get. I wouldn’t put it past a Mafia vet to go with a risky plan like shooting one of their own to feign innocence.

Although, we are in a tough spot, because if Kitty does use the new gun she has on Town, then it’ll be 2vs2, and Mafia can tie our votes into a no lynch Day. <_<" Which means…after their Night kill…they’ll win anyway…

Kitty, please be Town. :dyinglol:


If Kitty is mafia she would have already shot me or you already. So your logic is wrong from the start that Shiny and Magi are both town, and even if you think I’m mafia, one of them must also be mafia. Since they are both voting for me, it’s obvious that they must be working together.

I’ll leave it to Kitty to shoot one of them, I don’t really care who.

Kitty would you mind shooting one of Magi or Shiny? If you’re town, then then one of them must be mafia. It’s up to you who you shoot.


Jd’s logic is still pretty iffy to me like “since both of them voted for me then they must be mafia” again, u can also be mafia and making me do your dirty work by forcing me to shoot a townie via reverse psychology


Lemme think on it



Once again, Kitty pulled out a gun and aimed for her target, taking them out with one bullet to the head. @Shiny is dead. She was a Bidoof.






Does that mean I win for overthinking


jd you son of a gun


Game Over!

Convincing the cat queen to shoot an innocent life sealed his fate. jdthebud is dead. He was a Bidoof.

The Mafia wins!

Congratulations @Johnny @Kitty @Magipika! We should make official prizes because you guys should have the prize for the best bait and con plan ever holyhell

The Bidoofs

Dedenne as a Bidoof
Specifice as the Bidoof of Arms
Glitter as a Bidoof
Johnny as a Bidoof Goon
jdthebud as a Bidoof
Desox as a Bidoof
Shiny as a Bidoof
Ho-Oh the Detective Bidoof
Kitty as a Bidoof Goon
Magipika the Bidoof Liar
GreedExo as the Saviour Bidoof

@Dedenne @Specifice @Glitter @jdthebud @Desox @Shiny @Ho-Oh




And @GreedExo

please gib me the ability to tag more than ten people


I’m so proud


Also fuck you for the n0


Big brain strategies


And extensive paranoia