Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!

Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!


If I had not looked at Johnny at all as suss in any of my posts, it would be hypocritical. And yes I said he was a confirmed town since according to Nica it all added up.

And I disagree. Nobody tends to stop posting when they know they’re possibly found out. Because it’s only a possibility. Sure he would have died the next day. But, it would have been another day we had to go through voting. And he would have taken out Spaget in the process. That tells me he wasn’t alert to the thread.

Which literally would leave Shiny, JD and You. Shiny opposed Johnny earlier than anyone so I doubt it’s her. She’d also be on this thread and online. Only reason I’m voting for you is all you’ve done is made up excuses and JD said we should probably lynch Johnny.

I considered you based on your activity earlier, now it’s more of a “these people are confirmed town, one of these people has to be mafia”. You never looked at Johnny when you came online you were too busy defending yourself and saying why I’m more suspicious despite me literally looking for any clues cause we had none.

I don’t expect a role claim to help my case here at all, cause this is a vanilla game. I’m a plain Bidoof, I have no might action. I haven’t been visited once.


Ok well…

I’m going to trust Specifice’s instincts here. I’ll die tonight but if Dedenne is town you can always lynch Magi tomorrow.

[lynch] Dedenne


Thats some reach to wake up to. Personally I’m suss of the one that said “yeah he’s defs town” and only had their thoughts backtrack due to them dying as mafia.

And looking at magi’s actions (specifically the salt) idk man. You’d think a mafia member would be more calm due to having people with them lmfao a slight reach, but nothing as bad as an activity reach

That said I’m still half asleep so before phase ends lemme just do this [lynch] dedenne


I got you guys good :eyes:


I changed my vote before Johnny was ever killed as mafia, or that anyone said for sure he might be. Cause I believed Spaget.

Our changes are still ok as a town I think but if you guys fuck this up after my death I’m going to be hella disappointed


Oopsie doopsie believed the cc but still think johnny was real?


Yes I didn’t think Johnny would role claim a power role when it existed. And if he was online after it was counter claimed he could have turned people against Spaget perhaps. After Spaget counter claimed him though it was obvious him claiming he was framed and him being counter claimed didn’t add up.


Hi, I’ve been a tad busy but the main reason why I haven’t checked here is because checking the forums aren’t in my routine anymore so I keep forgetting I’m in a game @.@

Buuuut, based on what I’ve been reading I’m gonna [Vote]Dedenne because he backed up Johnny rather quickly. Yes, it was a convincing ploy until the CC and Johnny was probably betting his top dollar on convincing the town he was GS but in the end, the bullet prevented that road. Dedenne probably realized it wasn’t worth backing him up too long and voted against him, maybe figuring Johnny could talk his way out of it and change it later on to Spaggy to be rid of the true GS? He then also pointed out activity which isn’t really helpful to point out in terms of who could be sus. It all just feels like he’s trying to be TOO clean, TOO cautious and although he’s pointing fingers at Magi for being defensive he’s also being too defensive.

I’m probably repeating info but I’m really just explaining why I think he’s guilty because I don’t just wanna place a vote and leave.

I think the bullet got you best, Johnny


I think I’ve been anything but cautious in this game. Strange of you to say I have been and I wish I could contribute a bit more to the future scum reads but I can’t really say you’re suss for anything since you weren’t around so.

Since I’m dead deado imo look at Magi and if not him JD. But also don’t blame the dead if y’all screw up xxx

If Kitty is mafia though I’ll be fuckin shook, throwing that out there cause big brain strategies


Night Two

After a fun day of murder and shooting, you’d think this colony of Bidoofs would’ve had enough of death. Nope, they still bloodthirsty. @Dedenne is dead. He was a Bidoof.

You probably have 24 hours.

The Bidoofs

Dedenne as a Bidoof
Glitter as a Bidoof
Johnny as a Bidoof Goon
Desox as a Bidoof
GreedExo as the Saviour Bidoof

@Specifice @jdthebud @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Magipika


Day Three

The Mafia Bidoofs couldn’t quench their bloodthirst without another kill. @Ho-Oh is dead. She was the Detective Bidoof.

You have 48 hours.

The Bidoofs

Dedenne as a Bidoof
Glitter as a Bidoof
Johnny as a Bidoof Goon
Desox as a Bidoof
Ho-Oh the Detective Bidoof
GreedExo as the Saviour Bidoof

@Specifice @jdthebud @Shiny @Kitty @Magipika


Who did it, hands up!


Our only suspects left are me, Magi, and JD.

JD wasn’t really giving a lot of helpful points, wasn’t really trying to help much and wasn’t even certain on putting votes in (on Johnny)

That seems like a bit of filler speak but I mean, only one PR left and that’s Spaggy. Not much the non PRs can say here. Hopefully, she gave Kitty another gun last night, if anything.

Magi, on the other hand, gave larger paragraphs but could also be seen as just being defensive against the main person trying to get him lynched, to whom’d’st he placed a vote against. This could be because he genuinely felt he was sus or because it was a defense vote.

Could be trying to appear town, or making a helpful observation.

I’m gonna [Lynch] JDthebud


JD was pretty noncommittal when it came to taking any action against Johnny, and yet he didn’t seem to mind going after me for the same reason. He also conveniently overlooked my suggestion to try using the gun to secure a Mafia kill, which we ended up doing anyways.

I tend not to like minimalistic posts because they feel like they’re trying not to give anything away. His vote on me conveniently included a ‘moot point’, and cited Dedenne word for word without having any opinions of his own. Lack of new information and bandwagoning are telltale scum signs, and jd seemed pretty enthusiastic to use both of those.

[Lynch] jdthebud


I suppose we wait on a defense now…[Lynch] jdthebud

inb4 Kitty turns out to be the evil mastermind :dyinglol:


Hold the fuck up, am I the only one just now remembering that we started with three Mafs? Ffs that means we have two more left.


Woop it’s LYLO time.

Magi and Shiny are obviously mafia, since I’m the town doof one here of the three suspects left. I find it notable that Magi isn’t even considering Shiny as mafia here so they are going to try for the win together, obviously.

[Vote] Magipika




Wait where do you see 3 mafia?? I honestly thought there were only two this whole time?

That’s an odd defense, JD but ok. I’ve been trying to lay out observations as best as I can and Magi has as well, if he ends up being Maf he’s doing a better job feigning innocense than you have been.


Oh shit, wow