Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!

Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!


I’m gonna assume this quotes okay. Desox made a really good point here, and it’s what I went with when deciding who to give a gun to, obviously Greed thought it was our best bet too and he protected Ho-Oh. Being our Cop and confirmed Townie makes them the best choice for a gun, there’s no way Mafia wouldn’t take that into consideration with their choices and claims.


Do you really want me to post my entire school schedule here? If you want to put it like that, then here’s a question yourself, in a nice style,

Nica posts this

You appear six minutes later.
Excuse me, but just like you said, I don’t have any leads myself, unless you want me to start making assumptions. If it makes you happy, maybe I’ll reply twelve hours later and see what you think of it then ._.


Feels like its safe to say here that timezones and schedules exist right, so can we discount that in making reads





Specifice and Johnny ARE NOT BOTH mafia.

Dedenne and Magipika ARE NOT BOTH mafia.

That’s… something I guess? Not to say that the second set definitely features a mafia member, since Kitty, jdthebud and Shiny haven’t really made any observations. But there’s definitely a mafia member in the first set there. Second set might just be town vs town.


Wow, well done guys. Good.


Btw considering he ^ is a confirmed Townie, since he died, and was originally calling out Johnny…like that should be a red flag.


Specifice, when in the time period did you send me my gun? Like… what time of day (so say 11:11, 5:48, etc) did you message Zoska about it? Same question for @Johnny.


Jan 5, 8:59 PM Eastern Standard Time


Kk just in case I’m not online

[lynch] Johnny


I’m inclined to lynch Johnny but why would he claim Gunsmith this early, we ain’t in MYLO or anything…


I THINK mafia is Dedenne and Specifice. This is more for endgame guesses because I’m probably wrong butttt those are the vibes I’m getting. But then again Desox found Johnny sus but…

I dunno. Dude Desox if you posted less we coulda been a lot better off lmao.



From the crowd, the cat queen rose and fired her gun. @Johnny is dead. He was a Bidoof Goon.

Y’all so damn trigger happy today.


Lol damn. Ok fuck me I was right from the start. We coulda prevented a death if you guys voted Johnny from the start with me but silly framing options. :frowning:

So: Kitty, Me, Specifice = Confirmed town.

That MEANS that Dedenne, Magipika, Shiny or jdthebud is the final remaining. I’m leaning towards Dedenne or Magipika but honestly y’all have seen how wrong my reads were this game so… lol.


Out of the four of them, I’m feeling…jdthebud or Dedenne?

And jd, he claimed because Ho-Oh asked him to. Not claiming would’ve been sus, although, the fact that he claimed a power role instead of a Vanilla makes me think maybe it was a ploy to reveal the Gunsmith. <_<


If I was mafia I wouldn’t take the risk of voting for my fellow member and leaving the thread for a night but OK.

I don’t really understand any of the reads given aside from Magis personally. Saying me and Spaget are mafia originally seemed to make no sense. And now pairing me and JD makes less. It’d be better to look at who wasn’t looking Johnny’s way at all.

Magi didn’t comment much on it, Shiny isnt here too but yesterday she was here and seemed to question Johnny’s points pretty thoroughly.

So I would say with the three we have confirmed Town,

[lynch] Magipika


I guess they don’t really want more guns floating around but I wouldn’t have done that since a CC was gonna happen and it’s not really an equal exchange. It’s a moot point now though.

Also I agree with Dedenne’s post, it’s better to pressure those who were not looking Johnny’s way first.

[Lynch] Magipika


The thoughts I had were that, ultimately, Johnny was gonna get found out, whichever one of us died today. Better for the last Mafia member to seem like they were sus of him before that happened, yeah? I think that’s more likely than the them saying nothing. That’s just me though. :eyes:

For now, [Lynch] Dedenne ?


Makes sense enough. But if mafia was actually active you would have seen Johnny enter the thread again. Which he didn’t at all after your counter claim, eventhough he was online during it.


Maybe going after activity reads makes sense to you, but I was only trying not to gridlock my thoughts since there was so little evidence. Not to mention I’m trying not to fail my classes. Two of you have to be the Mafia, and that you’re going after me for ‘not looking at Johnny early on’ is a little hypocritical.

Sure, jd expressed his doubts without actually voting, but meanwhile you said the same Framer thoughts we all had and supported his role claim. Heck, you even said he was confirmed Town. If Johnny was Mafia and left the thread right as everything went down as you said, I’d say he seemed pretty resigned to dying, don’t you think? So let me know if your vote still means the same thing as you claim, because with Johnny in the Mafia I wouldn’t put that kind of plan past him.

I don’t know if this is a Town vs. Town or a Town vs. Maf, but maybe stop accusing me of doing things you’ve already done yourself.

[Lynch] Dedenne