Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!

Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!


Sorry about that!!

[Vote] Abstain


Night One

With most votes abstaining, nobody was lynched today!

You have 24 hours to make your Night Actions.

The Bidoofs

Glitter as a Bidoof

@Dedenne @Specifice @Johnny @jdthebud @Desox @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Magipika @GreedExo


Day Two

Oof, it looks like the Mafia Bidoofs have striked again. @GreedExo is dead. He was the Saviour Bidoof.

You have 48 hours to discuss and vote.

The Bidoofs

Glitter as a Bidoof
GreedExo as the Saviour Bidoof

@Dedenne @Specifice @Johnny @jdthebud @Desox @Shiny @Ho-Oh @Kitty @Magipika


Damn, chance wasn’t on our side, rip Exo. Although, you did protect your target who I’m assuming was Ho-Oh. Anyone got any leads? Cuz something tells me they’re not gonna let her go a second time. <_<


Okay before I say anything.

Johnny. Imma need you to claim.


I’m the Gunsmith and you should have a gun.


Perfect. So here’s the basics:

N0: Johnny was framed.
N0: I investigated Johnny.
N0: Johnny gave a gun to Kitty.
N0: Mafia killed Glitter.
N0: GreedExo protected someone.

N1: I’m assuming Johnny was framed again.
N1: Mafia killed who I assume is me but GreedExo took the bullet.
N1: Johnny gave a gun to me.
N1: GreedExo protected… me?

And now for the big reveal:

N1: I visited Desox. The whole “visit Kitty” and trying to call out Johnny to put further blame onto him. It seemed like he pushed it TOO much. He came off as very sus so I went with him.

And the result?

[shoot] Desox
@Zoska please murder him thank you.

So town is:

Me, Johnny.

Dedenne, Specifice, jdthebud, Shiny, Kitty and Magipika are the undecided ones. Unfortunately none of you CAN claim but we can assume based on your posts.

Specifice is being very… not helpful. Not that they can be helpful but mostly observational posts.
Magipika is basically nowhere to be seen which is very odd.
jdthebud I’m not too sure of his playstyle to get a solid read. But his abstain vote seemed a bit sus.
Shiny seemed to counter Johnny’s points.
Dedenne added nothing which is also unusual but he does that too when he’s town.
Kitty is playing exactly as Kitty always plays which doesn’t help.

So yeah. Johnny thoughts?


I mean, you’re the one murdering him


Ho-Oh whipped her gun out and shot her target in the head. @Desox is dead. He was a Bidoof.

Just as I was about to sleep smh


I’m living for that post

Also sorry I’m not adding much as there’s so little to go on aside from what you’ve said.


And there’s only two possibilities now, and the possibility of you lying is… A bit hard to grasp. I’d opt to that Desox was conveniently framed when you investigated, but then again that’s some strange damn horrific luck.

Either way, Johnny confirmed town.


Hang on fuck me I accidentally edited my previous post instead of replied here. ?_?


Wait wtf.

How the fuck? Dude seemed sus af and it seemed like Johnny would be framed AGAIN.

How tf did the mafia outsmart me twice lmfao

Um. Well fuck.


UM HI HELLO I’m doing something atm but I am the Gunsmith don’t fall for Johnny’s lie, I’ll respond to this again when I’m not in a game



I do have a gun
Do u want me to shoot someone


Dedenne, how is he confirmed Town? I guarantee you they were betting on the fact that you guys would assume he was framed again and focus someone else.

please god shoot Johnny


Well then… I’ve been nowhere to be seen because the phase started just as I went to school, thank you very much, but it seems like things are going fine back here anyways :zoomeyes:

It’s a vanilla game, there’s not many Town leads to go on besides the Detective and our own reads at least until now. If both you and Johnny are claiming Gunsmith, then we could try to shoot one of you? He wasn’t wrong about the gun, but he showed up as Mafia on Day One; although whichever is the case, we can’t afford to mislynch, so unless anyone has any thoughts then I guess this is the best option to make sure we at least get one Mafia.



Johnny said he gave me a gun. I was able to shoot that gun (and failed poorly). So… how else would he know I got a gun?


Unless the mafia in this game are actually legitimate criminal masterminds because I have been fucked the fuck over lol


That’s simple deduction on their part considering giving you a gun was mentioned the previous Day phase. You were also the only confirmed Town, so it only made sense to give you a gun, they know this. I gave Kitty a gun on Night 0 and you a gun last Night phase.

I haven’t said much before because I have to wait for other people to say stuff to get any kind of reads, and we weren’t getting anywhere with how little we were talking. The only info I have to give puts me at risk, being one of the few Bidoofs with a Night Action, so I kept quiet.


I don’t see how anyone could simply deduce that Nica was given a gun? Idk why Johnny would role claim Gunsmith when he’s not instead of vanilla?

I’m kind of lost in that Spaget and Johnny have both claimed Gunsmith. Unless I read wrong, Nica claimed to have used her action on Desox and he came up scum, which has to be a framing. But for the framer to hit twice perfectly… Again it doesn’t seem right to me.

So either Spaget or Johnny is lying. Why? I have no idea. There’s not enough reads going around and so little power roles here so we’re in kind of a tough spot with not many people discussing since there isn’t much TOO discuss.

Here’s a question,

Nica posts this

Magi appears one hour later.
Kind of odd but again not much to go on here.

And before any mafia member tries me, though this is rash,
No my indecisiveness is not scummy, there’s little to go on
I forgot about this game at the start and didn’t have anything to comment on really on day one.
Even now I’m still lost so I’m hesitant to weigh in a lot.