Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!

Bidoof-Flavoured Mafia - Game Over!


Can I get a protection role on me tonight?

I’m detective & checked Johnny. He’s mafia. Don’t know whether framer or goon but defo mafia.

[Vote] Johnny


Oh shit unless Johnny was visited by the framer.

Would that happen…?


Nica pls, I get killed N0 more often than everyone else, you really jumped the gun. I could roleclaim, but it’s no good for everyone.

You wasted your role, tbh. Even if you ask for protection, there’s a 50% chance two innocents can die.


Tbf I didn’t read role descriptions I was just excited ai hit mafia. Do you have any proof that you were framed though?


I don’t see how it’s relevant to say you get N0’d more than anyone else since it’s still a possibility you could be maf going after another troublesome player. I could also see you getting framed for it. If that’s our only clue right now, with a framer it’s definitely not enough to go off of. Lets see if anyone else says something today.


I haven’t gotten anything tonight either. Although, seeing as GP was killed, I wouldn’t put it past Mafia to bank on how often Johnny’s either killed N0 or Mafia to choose a target. Might’ve wanted to see what others had to say first before you reacted so quickly, though…


I don’t have much to add besides what’s been said tbh. Nica jumped the gun, Johnny may have been visited by the framer.

And I don’t think it’ll be easy to connect someone to. GPs death since anyone that’s played before would want him dead.


Iffy on the thing since framer exists like everyone said
Johnnys a popular target (disclaimer - not recent data)
Like gp (only data - his deaths) dying n0

I got a gun tho :smiley:


Hopefully that’s a good thing lol

Like everyone’s said, I think they were covering their bases by killing Glitter and then Framing Johnny (if that is what happened.) Question is, would they frame him again tonight, given the chance, or try another veteran? Protecting Ho-Oh sounds like a good idea to me, regardless.


I don’t care about Johnny being N0’d the last times, that is anecdotal at this level of the game. Johnny’s read is determined by Johnny’s actions so by now the read is neutral w/an unproven accusation ongoing.
The thing is unreliable because as you could say you always get N0’d because you’re dangerous, I could now then ask ‘then why frame you but not kill you? Why let you live this time? Is the mafia irrationally compassionate or something now?’. But why neutral then? Because, yes, the part of anecdotal evidence is faulty and can lead to some bias, but that we have a framer is a fact.

Uh, just bodyguard dies on that 50% chance, Ho-Oh would technically live. Who’d be the other innocent?

Now the question is, would mafia bite the bullet? We could be really persuasive if we, were to say, decided to protect and also gun Ho-Oh. It basically guarantees Detective still being alive, an investigation, and is an interesting gamble with a chance of gettting rid of a mafia.

Now, dare I say in name of town we challenge mafia to a chicken game? I’d do so. But they won’t probably accept it I’d guess.

Personally, I’d investigate Kitty for the sole purpose of the gun. We don’t want mafia saving an extra kill just in case, eh? There has been no shady stuff yet, but a gun is a gun and it is preoccupying, better clear the doubt sooner than regret it later.


It’s not anecdotal, it’s a fact. Go count the N0 deaths in all the games. I assure you that GP and I have the most N0 deaths.

It seems you don’t understand WIFOM tactics. Being a popular N0 target automatically makes you a popular Doctor target (or bodyguard in this case). Killing GP and framing me is an excellent choice of Night Actions. You ensure that 1 of 2 dangerous (as you put it) gets hurt, or in this case, both.

This Mafia 101, guys. You go for low-profile players when there’s a Framer because of situations like this one.





[Vote] Abstain


There’s about 12 hours left of this Day Phase.


I suppose we can live Johnny live for now…though I will keep my eye on him.

[Vote] Abstain


One willing to put other at risk should be willing to risk him/herself, and I sincerely doubt someone is.

[Vote] Abstain


I mean, I’d rather not fall into another WIFOM trap on Day 1, so I’ll refrain from jumping to conclusions until we get more evidence.

[Vote] Abstain


Extending this for 10 hours as half the players still haven’t voted.


[vote] abstain


[vote] abstain