Best Game Location - The Competition

Best Game Location - The Competition


Hello, and welcome! I’m not one for elaborate posts so here we go!

This here is a simple elimination competition to determine what Safari Zone thinks is the best game locale out there is!

How will we do this? I’m glad you asked!

Until the 9th of October, I’ll have opening selection open. During this time users will post their favorite location (And if you’re up for it, why it’s your favorite!). Each user will only get one (1) submission, so pick carefully! If anyone does chose something already chosen or part of something that was already chosen, I’ll try to get in touch so they may change it and not waste their vote.

Life permitting, I’m going to try and have the bracket up on the 9th!

Starting from the 10th on, I’ll (hopefully) be putting up a poll every day, via strawpolls, until we have our winner!

If there are any changes to the plan, I will edit this post both in the text above as well as have a large note at the bottom of this post, so make sure to check it!

While you’re in this section, Why not stick around for a while? Make a thread about the upcoming releases, old favorites, thoughts on the industry, or just chat about gaming as a whole! It’ll be fun I swear!!!

Without further delay, let’s get choosing!


I pick Satorl Marsh from Xenoblade Chronicles.

Honestly, Satorl Marsh is a fairly bland-ish area in the day. Nevertheless, at the same time it does what many swamp levels struggle to do and at least look aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, while it may lack the grandiose impression of Gaur Plains, it makes up for it by incorporating ruins that add in a sense of mystique and adventure.

Night, however, is where it truly shines. I don’t really need to say why, I can just post an in-game screenshot of it and let it speak for itself.
There’s just a mysterious and amazing quality about Satorl Marsh at night that really draws you in. In a way, it could be considered one of the most magical locations in the game, if not the most.

Let’s begin with the day once again.

While it conveys the theme of “swamp level” fairly well, at the same time it also instills a sense of mystique and eerie calm that many swamp levels struggle to handle well. Already, this place succeeds where other swamp levels tend to fail by sounding pleasing and relaxing to the point where you may just want to stay a bit longer to listen to the music… and given the general flavor of “bleh” swamp levels usually hold that makes you want to get it over with, that is no small feat.

As for night…

Is this even a swamp level theme
I’m serious, Satorl Marsh’s night theme is downright amazing. It captures the mystique perfectly, and practically defines the area as something almost otherworldly even in-universe. About the only thing debatably holding it back from “best song in the soundtrack” is that it’s also in the same soundtrack as “Confrontation With the Enemy” if we’re speaking about the somewhat relaxed, mystical pacing of the song alone.

Satorl Marsh does an excellent job of making you want to explore and see every part of it, as Xenoblade’s generally quite successful with. This is very important, as it is a swamp level. I place emphasis on this because generally, swamp levels are a real bog that the player just wants to get through so they don’t have to deal with it anymore. The fact that it’s such an amazing location is a testament to how it sets, if not outright raises the bar for what an interesting swamp level should be like.

That isn’t to say that it’s just “because it’s a Xenoblade map” either, which are generally known for being quite visually interesting while maintaining a consistent theme. I’ll be honest, the game has some real stinker maps like Eryth Sea, which while visually interesting isn’t especially great beyond “omg teleporters” and really lacking in terms of exploration in a game lauded for its huge environments. There is also Sword Valley, which while interesting being that you’re walking on a dead god’s blade that became a warzone, it’s honestly a fairly dull location visually and doesn’t especially stack up to its peers in that regard.

tl;dr: Satorl Marsh is a strong contender for one of, if not outright the best location in Xenoblade thanks to its appearance and how it shifts based on the time of day, the incredible music, and great map design that makes the player want to linger around and explore its corners.


Yharnam, from Bloodborne.

It’s an amazing and huge introduction area, and the visuals are absolutely breathtaking. It set the tone for the rest of the game, and the beasts and developing story make revisits a must.


Approaching the last 24 hours for submissions!

The 2 so far are both fantastic! Love all the description and pictures!


And that’s a wrap.

As wonderful as the two submissions were, a vote between 2 voters with 2 options doesnt seem logical to continue with.

Just gonna go back to letting this section slowly die I guess…