Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!

Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!


was going to say “but gunner didnt vote herself” and realized i read that wrong.


I’m impatient, especially because I have nothing those lose as a townie. Games aren’t that interesting when you’re not a power role, so I have to make my own way of getting information now that the cop is dead. Which is making a stink, and see who’s the most against me/reason wise. Also oddly enough, those who are not against me could be mafia because they know I’m innocent, so that makes for interesting reads.


no one else innocent takes the blame
proceeds to vote me when I found you and Deeks’ vote to be highly suspicious.

Was gonna OMGUS and vote you, but you’ve convinced me enough with that post that you’re most likely innocent.

I’m still voting for [lynch] Flower_Child because she’s still the only one who I find highly suss.


You’re forgetting that dakota’s history is that she doesn’t say much in mafia in the first place. Though, it’s not like she’s given us any reason to keep her either. I’m not super convinced of your innocence, but thanks for not voting me.

As sacrificial as I’m getting, for my sake, and the dwindling time, I’ll [lynch] Flower_Child to tie it with my own votes.


7 Hours Remain.

Please be reminded that every player must vote during this phase.


I don’t get the gunning for me now when my only action so far was to join the bandwagon started by someone else and the fact that gunner immediately saw that as sus and has been trying to lynch me since then is. odd. It’s shady and im gonna [lynch] salzorrah


i’m still slightly suss on nina. mostly because of her contradicting attitudes with waiting for something to happen and then making it happen herself. that + her reaction to the bandwagon vote just doesn’t sit right with me.

also i have no idea how gunner got the suss feel from dakota. then again, i’ve never been in a game with dakota iirc so i have no idea what to read from that situation, and i’ll not go into that just yet until i’m sure in my own readings.

so for now, i’m going with my gut and [lynch] nina


I don’t get Gunners thing with Daks, but perhaps she’s onto something. For now though I’ll go with what I think is best and [lynch] Nina


I now have an impromptu meeting, meaning the phase will extend by two hours. As a result, 3 hours 45 minutes now remain.


I would make a sarcastic remark about the productivity of this day, but I haven’t posted yet either so

can’t personally complain.

Flamingo is the only other one who hasn’t posted at all (they’ve been MIA), but a few of the posts that have appeared haven’t really had anything in them anyways, so that’s not much different.

basically, with about an hour left in this phase, I have two options: further press the lynch on Nina, or tie the lynch between Nina and Flower_Child and leave it up to RNG. I hate leaving it up to RNG.

Plus it would seem that Flamingo will either be replaced or killed off, and, if it’s the latter, that’s already a death by “rng,” but if they’re inactive, chances are they’re a cloud. Which also isn’t good.

Right now, I’m going to Lynch Nina.

No sense in tying the votes this late in the phase, but if my pings draw any of you in before the end of it, it isn’t hard to swing the vote either way.

Player Votes for
@Dedenne Nina
Nakuzami Nina
@Flower_Child Salzorrah
@Salzorrah Flower_Child
@Kitty Nina
@Guest Nina
@Nina Flower_Child
@NinjaAiden Nina


You guys are going to have a hard time after this, since someone else innocent will die tonight as well. Be careful, hope I gave some good information with my death.

Meteorological Mafia
Night Two.

The weather appears to be unanimously settled, or so to speak, as night falls. However, one unruly bunch of what was thought to be clouds was actually a very quiet and brewing Tornado! However, it dies down almost as quickly as it started up.

Meanwhile another cloud formation mysteriously went BANG. Apparently when a cloud sits still and does nothing for too long, the whizzing ice particles within it rupture it from t he inside out, causing it to essentially dissipate into nothing. TIL!

Nina is no more.
They were A Tornado (aka Mafia Grunt).

Flamingo is no more.
They were A Cloud (aka Vanilla Townie) - removed due to inactivity/no voting.

Night falls. We have now entered our second Night Phase of the game! All night actions are to be sent to myself either via PM on here or Discord - please do NOT POST IN THIS THREAD until the phase has changed (which I will notify you of at the time it is needed). Please send all actions to myself either via PM on here or at Arcaneum#0001 on Discord.

Day will rise on 10:00PM on Friday 13th April (approx. 24 hours from now). Please refer to the rules in the original post.

Player List
Hysteria as a Cloud
@Dedenne as ???
Glitter as The Wind
@Flamingo as a Cloud
EvilChameleon as a Cloud
@Nakuzami as ???
@Flower_Child as ???
@Salzorrah as ???
@Kitty as ???
@Guest as ???
@Nina as a Tornado
@NinjaAiden as ???

Meteorological Mafia
Game Over!

The Hurricane, Tornado and Heatwave decide that an amalgamation of force is what they need, if the Clouds were going to be as placid as they seemed. Combining together to make some very bizarre…heat twister…they tear through the entire region; ripping clouds asunder before completely blocking out the Sun, who under its spell was trying to protect the Hurricane the entire time.

Shawn is no more.
They were The Sun (aka The Doctor).

Flower_Child, Nakuzami and Kitty win as The Coming Storm!

That’s it folks - it’s game over! An interesting game for sure, things normally last a little longer but our Coming Storm played rather marvellously, knocking out key threats early on and abusing the Miller role. Nicely played guys, but thank you to everyone for joining in and putting in their fair share!

Shoutouts to Shawn by the way, who almost exclusively protected the Coming Storm members!
Player List
@Hysteria as a Cloud
@Dedenne as a Cloud
@Glitter as The Wind
@Flamingo as a Cloud
@EvilChameleon as a Cloud
@Nakuzami as a Tornado
@Flower_Child as The Heatwave
@Salzorrah as The Rainbow
@Kitty as The Hurricane
@Guest as The Sun
@Nina as The Sky
@NinjaAiden as a Cloud


Oh. Well then. Fastest game ever.


Indeed! The Mafia had a very lucky start and a good sweep - they essentially had all the PRs locked down whereas Town were struggling a little, especially with their only source of hard information locked down N0.




Quick question for our newer players: if I were to do a similar setup, but everyone has a PR (role with actions), rather than vanilla roles, would there be interest?


For reference, I was the sky so I really was innocent even though I showed mafia on death, confused the heck outta me.

Shoulda pushed for NOT killing me, but I didn’t realize we were so low on roles/thought I was a townie so.

I think that might be fun!


I’d be down!



the miller role is always confusing haha, we were so lucky you were that tbh :’)
the shitty thing about millers is that you never know if you’re going to show up as mafia ;v;