Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!

Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!


o gosh

well, at least I started something, I guess

not saying to stick to the bandwagon, but I would rather lynch via a majority than everyone spreading out, since the latter method provides much less information.

but we have some time to change to someone else if people actually discuss. Look at how quickly all of these votes were placed; they can be undone just as easily, so don’t just go “well it’s already a thing so oh well I guess”

Player Votes for
@Hysteria Nakuzami
@Dedenne Hysteria
@EvilChameleon Shawn
Nakuzami Hysteria
@Flower_Child Hysteria
@Salzorrah Flower_Child
@Guest Nina
@Nina Hysteria

that’s four votes for Hysteria, one for me, one for Shawn, on for Flower_Child and one for Nina


Leave me alone am just a poor cloud.


wtf is this bandwagon (also ty for the ping completely forgot about this)

also i agree with gunner on how nina seems scummy like she’s been waiting for this to happen but at the same time this sounds like just regular d1 shenanigans

[lynch] nina for now


I’m always waiting for something to happen, really. I have no proof but we have nothing to do day 1 and no cop to even help in the slightest so rando vote is it. tbf Naku did it first. Again, you could also reveal yourself, not that there’s much weight there.


Naku did infact voted first, however it was your reaction towards it was a red flag.


What’s this bandwagon? It literally makes no sense at all, nothing in Nicki’s posts warrants this kind of mass voting. It seems like mafia is just blandly throwing around their votes in order to kick in something. On the other hand, Nina looks the most suspicious, as she was the first one to vote - I mean, random votings always end up to be pressure votes, not bandwagons.

[VOTE] Nina


It really isn’t a random vote if you yourself implied you wanted to start a bandwagon :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a really good time to play the roblox death Sound. What a meme.

Meh I’m down with the Nicki bandwagon. You gotta start somewhere, and if she is inno, then we know who to give a ton of attention to in the next days. But right now there is just no info to go on. And as Naku said, better to vote by sticking together than to spread out.

[Lynch] Hysteria


lol Alright then, have fun.


Mind telling what role you are if you’re ok with dying?


Today’s phase is over! A summary post will be up shortly.


Meteorological Mafia
Night One.

As the day comes to a close, an interesting formation rises up in the clouds to the East. It almost seems like…one particular cloud was assimilated into the others, disappearing with zero trace.

Hysteria is no more.
They were A Cloud (aka Vanilla Townie).

Night falls. We have now entered our first Night Phase of the game! All night actions are to be sent to myself either via PM on here or Discord - please do NOT POST IN THIS THREAD until the phase has changed (which I will notify you of at the time it is needed). Please send all actions to myself either via PM on here or at Arcaneum#0001 on Discord.

Day will rise on 8:00PM on Monday 9th April (24 hours from now). Please refer to the rules in the original post.

Player List
@Hysteria as a Cloud
@Dedenne as ???
Glitter as The Wind
@Flamingo as ???
@EvilChameleon as ???
@Nakuzami as ???
@Flower_Child as ???
@Salzorrah as ???
@Kitty as ???
@Guest as ???
@Nina as ???
@NinjaAiden as ???


Meteorological Mafia
Day Two.

Day rises and comes as such a shock to the weatherman that it dazed him for a fair few hours! A Hurricane and Tornado meet up, before the Tornado is flung away, tearing straight through the cloud formation hanging in the East, with sunshine not far behind! With the sunshine zooming along, a heatwave lies in its wake, causing the nearby rainbow to ripple in the otherwise blue sky.

EvilChameleon is no more.
They were A Cloud (aka Vanilla Townie).

Day rises. We have now entered our second Day Phase of the game! It is now time for you to discuss who should be eliminated from the game at the end of this phase. Please remember the following:
~ Votes can be in any version of [Lynch] Player, however must be bolded otherwise it will not count.
~ You do not have to reveal information gained from your findings last phase unless you choose to do so.
~ Discussion is kept to THIS THREAD ONLY. Information spread outside of here will result in your swift elimination from the game.
~ You can change your votes as many times as you wish.
~ If you are dead, you have one non-informative post which you can make, then you are not to post in this thread until the end of the game.
~ A tie will result in a coin toss to determine who dies.
~ As we are now in Day Two, you MUST VOTE. However, you can change your votes as many times as you like.

There will be a little extension due to me hampering the phase change - Night will fall on ~7:00PM on Thursday 12th April. Please refer to the rules in the original post.

Player List
Hysteria as a Cloud
@Dedenne as ???
Glitter as The Wind
@Flamingo as ???
@EvilChameleon as a Cloud
@Nakuzami as ???
@Flower_Child as ???
@Salzorrah as ???
@Kitty as ???
@Guest as ???
@Nina as ???
@NinjaAiden as ???


Well, there it is.


Inb4 I get lynched

That sucks. A lot. I get why Hysteria didn’t reveal because as a townie you can feel kind of useless. I’ll tell you that I’m NOT important, so if I die it’s not the worst in the world but like. Maybe we shouldn’t do that! So hey doctor, you should protect some people you find not-sus because our numbers are dwindling fast.

Since I’m probably going to die and there are no info roles. I’ll get us started today so no one else also innocent will take the blame! I feel like Gunner was quick to blame whoever voted, but quickly voted herself.

[lynch] Salzorrah changed to [lynch] Flower_Child


Not buying it

[Lynch] Nina


You’ll buy it when I’m dead. :stuck_out_tongue:


And I thought you were the type that waits for something to happen before acting :thinking:


I’ll buy myself an ice cream yes, cause your name will be red


[Vote] Nina