Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!

Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!


Meteorological Mafia
Day One.

Today we will see clouds in the South in the morning, with a little sunshine poking through around midday; a brisk wind comes in from the North and a little TORNADO WATCH for you guys in the East, as said northerly winds begin to gather up develop into a twister, whose path seems to then go back on itself and back up to the North. No Hurricanes yet, and in the West it’s all clear skies and rainbows!

Glitter is no more.
They were The Wind (aka The Cop).

Day rises. We have now entered our first Day Phase of the game! It is now time for you to discuss who should be eliminated from the game at the end of this phase. Please remember the following:
~ Votes can be in any version of [Lynch] Player, however must be bolded otherwise it will not count.
~ You do not have to reveal information gained from your findings last phase unless you choose to do so.
~ Discussion is kept to THIS THREAD ONLY. Information spread outside of here will result in your swift elimination from the game.
~ You can change your votes as many times as you wish.
~ If you are dead, you have one non-informative post which you can make, then you are not to post in this thread until the end of the game.
~ A tie will result in a coin toss to determine who dies.

There will be a little extension - Night will fall on 7:00PM on Sunday 8th April (meaning roughly 53 hours until your phase change). Please refer to the rules in the original post.

Player List
@Hysteria as ???
@Dedenne as ???
@Glitter as The Wind
@Flamingo as ???
@EvilChameleon as ???
@Nakuzami as ???
@Flower_Child as ???
@Salzorrah as ???
@Kitty as ???
@Guest as ???
@Nina as ???
@NinjaAiden as ???


Oh my god our cop is already dead.


GOD DAMN IT why does it always start like this?


RIP Glitter, it just couldn’t start simply hmm?



don’t you just love N0 Cop deaths.

it seems to be becoming a trend lately


Horrendous start for the town. Quite frankly, someone has to know something already.



Don’t discount sheer luck, or in this case, sheer misfortune.


Oh, dear. That’s definitely a case of extreme bad luck.

Now, I don’t want to be the one to do this - but will we start random lynching? It seems as if though there’s no much to take information from.


Even if we had lost a cop in another recent game, doesn’t mean we’re already at lost tho
To be fair, we nearly had won that


It’s always Daniel smfh.


What a productive day we seem to be having

Lynch @Hysteria

Gotta start somewhere

Why did u do it? Why kill the Glitter Wind? Is it bc you couldn’t paint with all its colors? You disgust me


[lynch] Nakuzami



[Lynch Hysteria]

Bandwagon or reveal, let’s go I guess!


:thonk: Okay, I guess.


[Lynch] Nina

I like Naku giving the game life, but you’ve been waiting for someone to start something, haven’t you?


[Lynch Hysteria]



:thonk: Alright then.


I’m really getting some scum vibes off of Nina and Deeks tho :eyes:

If Naku was scum, he would have told Nina and Deeks to not vote for the same person, so I’m pretty sure he’s inno as of this moment.

[lynch] Flower_Child


Whoa whoa whoa, what’s with the sudden bandwagon? Let’s chill here, and just be friends and throw random votes around.

[Vote] Shawn

Like that, see?


[Lynch Hysteria]

Sorry Nicki, but the bandwagon has already begun~