Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!

Beginner's Mafia - Game Over!

Meteorological Mafia
It’s back.

Welcome to Meteorological Mafia - a game where the weather is so unpredictable that even the weatherman has trouble keeping up! It’s a game of Cat and…Cloud as our more extreme weather phenomenons have decided that it’s time control Earth once more.

This will be a vanilla game of Mafia, designed with the intent of being a beginner’s game. So if you have wanted to try out Mafia but thought that the playerbase or the concept itself was a little too daunting, then hopefully this game will help with that!

The roles used in the setup will be fairly basic and will have very simple interactions with one another, so as to make that side of things easy. Also, NEW players will be receiving priority when it comes to signups. That does mean of course seasoned veterans that you are still allowed - and if possible I’d like some of you to - sign up, so that the game can at least be steered in a direction if it goes awry.

Player List
Hysteria as ???
Dedenne as ???
Glitter as ???
Flamingo as ???
EC as ???
Flower_Child as ???
Salzorrah as ???
Kitty as ???
Keith as ???
Nina as ???
Aiden as ???
The Lowdown
How it works.

The game of Mafia is a game of investigation and cunning, where the aim of the game is generally to eliminate or outnumber your opposing faction, depending on what team you are on. There are also some other potential win conditions, which I will cover in the relevant role.

The game will operate in two phases - Day and Night. During the Day Phase, you will engage in discussion with the other players and come to a decision as to who will be eliminated at the end of that phase. Whoever is voted will then be immediately removed from the game at the end of the Day Phase. Day Phases will generally run for 48 hours, unless otherwise stated. Night Phases will last for 24 hours and during this time the thread is as good as locked. No one is to post in the thread and all Night Actions [explained in roles] are to be submitted.

In this game, you will be part of one of three factions. These three factions are The Calm, The Coming Storm and The Anomaly.

The Calm, are the Innocent faction and therefore the “uninformed majority”. What this means, is that you will not know who your fellow innocents are and will therefore need to use your wits (and role, depending on what you do) to find out who they are, so that you do not accidentally eliminate them. The Calm will win if they manage to eliminate every member of The Coming Storm.

The Coming Storm are the Evil faction and therefore the “informed minority”. As a result, all members of The Coming Storm will know who each other are and will be able to communicate with each other, which will be set up via a Discord server. The Coming Storm win if they either eliminate or have more alive members than The Calm.

The Anomaly is the Third Party faction in this game. In a game of Mafia, the Third Party faction will have their own win condition which will generally involve a secret task they have to perform throughout the game, for example getting lynched or passing around an item and manufacturing it so the holder gets killed.
Roles and Rules
The Nitty-Gritty.


~ When voting during the Day Phase, please use variants of [Lynch] Player.
~ You do not have to vote for the first Day Phase, but in order to encourage discussion between you as new players, you do need to post at least once each phase.
~ Please keep all game-related conversation in this thread only and do NOT reveal any information about your role to anyone (unless you are evil, then ONLY with your teammates).
~ If you are dead, you are dead. You get one death post that may not contain any in-game information. After that you’re barred from interatcing in the game.
~ Do not post in the thread during the night phase.
~ After the first Day Phase, you cannot abstain (choose to not vote). You are however free to change your votes.
~ In the event of a tie for lynch votes, a coin toss will determine who dies.
~ Have fun! Oh and all standard forum rules apply.
~ Please send actions and questions either via PM on here, or at Arcaneum#0001 on Discord.

Role List

~ Cloud - Vanilla Townie -> You do not have any special actions, however you are still important! you are sided with The Calm, aka the Innocent faction.
~ Wind - Cop -> You are everywhere and can therefore tell when something bad is blowing your way. As the Wind, you can choose to investigate one player each Night Phase and learn their alignment (The Calm, Coming Storm or Anomaly).
~ Sun - Doctor -> They say a spot of sunshine does anyone good, in your case it’s good enough to heal wounds. Once every Night Phase you choose a player to save. If that player is targeted by an action which would kill them, you save them instead, causing that action to fail and the player to live.
~ Sky - Miller -> As the Sky, you take a myriad of forms all at once, making it confusing to figure out what you are and what you will be. As a Miller, you will appear as a member of The Calm only to yourself. You will appear as a member of The Coming Storm if you are either lynched or investigated by the Wind (Cop) and revealed as your true self if you are killed.

~ Tornado - Mafia Goon -> These swirling terrors want nothing more than to just tear through the clouds and get rid of them all. As a Mafia Goon, you have no special powers but are still instrumental in helping The Coming Storm to win! If alive, you will be the one to carry out the night kill.
~ Heatwave - Hooker -> As a power wave of intense heat, you stop absolutely anything in its tracks. As the Hooker, you will choose to visit one player during the Night Phase, blocking them from their action that night. (If you visit a Doctor for example, they will not save the person they visited).
~ Hurricane - Godfather -> The leader of all storms, as the Godfather you will appear as a member of The Calm on Wind (Cop) reports and you choose who out of your team members will carry out the night kill.

~ Rainbow - Angel -> Rainbows are held in high regard and are pretty phenomenal things; as the Angel, you are randomly assigned one player at the beginning of the game. You can choose to save that person once per game (at any point). If that person is then killed during the NEXT Night Phase or lynched during the NEXT Day Phase, then you die instead. You win the game if your target is alive at the end!





Holy shit, parts of this CSS actually look good.
I’m in unless a beginner needs my spot.




I’m in for sure. Kick off my Safari Zone mafia career with a vanilla game.


should i


count me in fam


Whoa, there’s already a first edition of this??? When and where in SZ did that happen??? Ill join





It’s more of a homage to the meteo game I had on PC, one for the oldies.


Brigitte imma need you to clarify for me.




Yep, in here


Gemme in this game!


Just two more and then we’re ready to rumble, I reckon!


Looks like we’re grinding to an application-based halt - roles and our first night phase will commence tomorrow evening!


Just building up role PMs and respective Discord servers - you should have everything up in the next hour, players!


Meteorological Mafia
Night Zero.

The Weatherman walks in after an extremely laborious day at work today. Just not matter what he did to read the map, it just didn’t seem to be adding up. Heatwaves in the Arctic, cloud formations over the Sahara and hurricanes running rampant in Europe. The weather was completely all out of whack but at the same time, it seemed like it was moving with…

Well, call him insane but it seemed like things were moving with a purpose.With something as intense as some of these meteorolgical phenomenon, it could be something terrifying. No, that couldn’t be the case; he snaps out of this backwards reverie and heads to bed, hoping that tomorrow’s reports were a little more lenient on him.

Night falls. We have now entered our first Night Phase of the game! All night actions are to be sent to myself either via PM on here or Discord - please do NOT POST IN THIS THREAD until the phase has changed (which I will notify you of at the time it is needed).

There will be a little extension - Day will rise on 12:00PM on Saturday 6th April (meaning roughly 32 hours until your phase change). Please refer to the rules in the original post.

Player List
Hysteria as ???
Dedenne as ???
Glitter as ???
Flamingo as ???
EC as ???
Flower_Child as ???
Salzorrah as ???
Kitty as ???
Shawn as ???
Nina as ???
Aiden as ???


Phase changing incoming! You will be receiving your relevant PMs etc shortly.