Do y’all bake?

And what’s your favorite baked good.

I bake more than I cook :zoomeyes:


I don’t bake as much as I used to, but I can make an awesome carrot cake :eyes:


I don’t really bake, but I love making the family cabbage-&-egg pie or apple roulette/pie. Cabbage and egg might sound gross in a pie, but you never know how good it is until you try it ;3c

I can whip up banana bread pretty quick as well!


Tomorrow I’ll be baking some ziti for the first time!


I tried baking brownies once, lets just say i forgot the sugar and flour, nats (or however those bugs are called) decided to make their home with it, and its only been made for 2 days


I can’t bake. That is all.


I haven’t in a while but I can and do bake. I’ve even braved the world of souffles which is stressful as fuck lol.


I don’t really bake but since my break is coming up I plan to try to do it a lot more :smiley: Hoping to make some cookies, brownies etc. And some sort of cake even!


I’m a stress baker. I bake every time I’m stressed and with grad school that’s very often. So I’ve gotten pretty good at certain recipes. I have a classic tea cake recipe that is my go to right now.


I bake dinner a lot. Desserts,not so much. One of my favorite things to pop in the oven is Lasagna. I think that I can cook it pretty well!


I haven’t baked in a long time, but lately I have been wanting to make some protein cookies.


Cookies are up there. Brownies too. Especially if you cover them with chocolate icing too!