Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic


Oh, nah, it’s still 50 points per evolution :dyinglol: I just didn’t see how many points you had from last time whoops!

Done :fufu:


Wait, wouldn’t that add up to 150 posts? :thonk:


Not for one evolution and one new Poké.


Yeah, but she asked to evolve the Gastly twice and also asked for an Eevee :eyes:


I took care of it. You have, rounded down, 450 posts. That’s 9 adoptable requests, we’ll call them points for this exercise. You now have 9 points worth of adoptables granted.


She said that cuz I got mixed up, it’s all done now.



Could I grab an Alolan Ninetales? :zoomeyes:


Yeah, granted!


I’ve got maybe 650 posts in excess right now, so may I request…

A Mareep!
A Cyndaquil, then evolve it into a Quilava…
And a Chikorita, then evolve it to Bayleef and then Meganium!

That’d be great :fufu:


:relieved: :ok_hand:


1.6k -> 1.8k = 4 adopts

  1. Buizel into Floatzel
  2. Combee into Vespiquen
  3. Drifloon into Drifblim
  4. Gligar into Gliscor



All done!