Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic


Oh, nah, it’s still 50 points per evolution :dyinglol: I just didn’t see how many points you had from last time whoops!

Done :fufu:


Wait, wouldn’t that add up to 150 posts? :thonk:


Not for one evolution and one new Poké.


Yeah, but she asked to evolve the Gastly twice and also asked for an Eevee :eyes:


I took care of it. You have, rounded down, 450 posts. That’s 9 adoptable requests, we’ll call them points for this exercise. You now have 9 points worth of adoptables granted.


She said that cuz I got mixed up, it’s all done now.



Could I grab an Alolan Ninetales? :zoomeyes:


Yeah, granted!


I’ve got maybe 650 posts in excess right now, so may I request…

A Mareep!
A Cyndaquil, then evolve it into a Quilava…
And a Chikorita, then evolve it to Bayleef and then Meganium!

That’d be great :fufu:


:relieved: :ok_hand:


1.6k -> 1.8k = 4 adopts

  1. Buizel into Floatzel
  2. Combee into Vespiquen
  3. Drifloon into Drifblim
  4. Gligar into Gliscor



All done!


890 posts is 17 things worth, and I’ve requested:

Wobbuffett (2) the first time,
Pikachu (2) the second time, and…
Mareep (1), Quilava (2), and Meganium (3) the third.

I’ll cash in the other seven (and the art challenge one) since the system’s changing…

  1. Amaura --> Aurorus (2)
  2. Eevee --> Espeon (2)
  3. Togepi (1)
  4. Snivy (1)
  5. Squirtle (1)
  6. Emolga (1)

Might as well make the most of it for all of the effort in the past, right? :fufu:


All done, friend!