Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic


Heyyy, can I have a tirtouga pls?


Sorry for the delay, done!



I think I can request four, then? If that’s the case… could I have Growlithe, Gastly, Spinda and Zangoose? Peas and carrots :heart:


All done!



Is it possible for me to evolve my shiny Pumpkaboo into a shiny Gourgeist? :eyes:

If so, I’d also like to get a Gastly for the sp00ky occasion, too


Done and done!



Can I has a ferroseed and evolve it into ferrothorn pls and thank




May I have a Pichu and have it evolved into a Pikachu?

Also can the a in my Azelf be capitalized :wobblurk:


Done, sorry about that lol


Can I get the New Aficionado and Welcoming Presence badges?

850-1.6k=…15?! (I’ve been putting this off because I knew it’d be a lot lmao)

1- Evolve shiny Pumpkaboo into shiny Gourgeist.
2-3 - Evolve shiny Fennekin into shiny Braixen and then shiny Delphox.
4-6 - A Duskull, then evolve it into Dusclops and then into Dusknoir.
7 - A Dhelmise.
8-9 - A Sentret, then evolve it into Furret.
10 - A Buizel.
11 - A Combee.
12 - A Shinx.
13 - A Drifloon.
14 - A Gligar.
15 - A Snorunt.


cracks knuckles

Badges done. And all 15 adoptable requests done as well.





Can I has- a Dedenne

And a Happiny plz





Can I evolve my Gastly into a Gengar?


Done-zo :ok_hand:


Could I evolve Gastly and get an Eevee, please?


Evolve it into Haunter or Gengar?


I could evolve it twice without needing 100 points??