Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic


May I have another Eevee, please?


Yup, it’s done!



Evolve Torchic to Combusken and then to Blaziken please!




I didn’t knew that I’ll see my profile when I’m at full 100 posts :rofl:
Anyways, Can I get an Eevee? Please? :pray:


Yup, done!


Thanks and yes, I made a resource For Game Development and for that, Can I get a Beginning Resource Author Badge Please?


sure sure


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try to post other of my resources too :slight_smile:


Hi! I think this makes 4, so could I evolve my Pichu to Pikachu and then to Alolan Raichu? And can I get a Yamask and evolve it into Cofagrigus?

Thank you!


All is done!


idk if it’s just me, but I can’t see them anymore. When I tap on the icon, they don’t come up, but I can see everyone else’s.


Ah, well that’s probably because I fucked up the first time and put in the wrong slug name for the Alolan Raichu. It accepted the correct one, so I thought it was fixed, whoops.




I wanna evolve the brand new Porygon into Porygon-2 thanks


ok! good taste


fixed @Specifice


porygon into porygon2 pls






Ralts for me please (gone from 750 - 800)

FYI: I did it dw about it