Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic


Six?? Uh, could I get a Pumpkaboo and evolve it into a Gourgeist. A Trapinch then evolve it into Vibrava and then Flygon. And lastly, a Pichu?


Done, done, and done!


Thank you!



I’ll take a Torchic and a Froakie please!


600-650 posts: Feebas and then evolve it into Milotic pls


new rule, dedenne doesnt get any more adoptables


I agree. Dedenne is a villain who’s stealing all the adoptables. He must be stopped now.


Delete Dedenne’s adoptable every time he asks for one






It seems that I’m a great shitposter trainer, because it only took Vulpix one day to evolve into Ninetails.

So yeah, Vulpix -> Ninetails please




Positive I was on 300 when last requested and am now on 756, so can I please get:

Manectric for 100
Vaporeon for 100
Togetic for 100
Porygon-2 for 100
Sneasel for 50



Okay, I got the first three done, but then I went to add Porygon 2 to your list, got an internal server error, now I can’t even load your list. :thinking:


Hello, hi.

May I finally request a Batzu to call my own?




Also, everyone should now have a badge for visiting for 100 days. From now on, this, (and the 10 and one year badges) are requestable.


Can I get the 10 Days Visited badge?
( Because it didn’t appeared in my account :frowning: )
Here’s a pic of that

I also made 66 Posts, So Can I get a Riolu Please?
Thanks in advance.


Just some more housekeeping here…

@AshKetchum000, your adoptable and badge have been granted.

As for everyone else, late last night and this morning I went through and manually granted everyone a new 10 and 100 day badge, as long as you have at least one post (otherwise I couldn’t grant it). That was a whopping 207 badges.

From now on, as usual, request the 10, 100, and 365 day badges in here.


Thanks :slight_smile: