Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic



Can I get the 100 days badge?


Same request as Radiating. (116 days visited)


can I evolve for the final time and get the 10 day badge?



As for the 100 and 10 day badges @Radiating and @Raffee, know that I have your names down on a list, and the moment we get this problem solved, you’ll be the first to get your badges.


Much appreciated EC. :smiley:


Can I evolve my Fennekin into a Braixen, then a Delphox?


All complete!



Am due for 4 adoptables, would like:

My Cleffa evolved into a Clefable

And then an Eevee, which I will evolve into a Sylveon.

Thank you!


Done and done!



Last time i posted I had 450+ so I think I can claim 2?

I’d like to evolve my Gabite into Garchomp and get a Sneasel


yess there u go <3



Hmm… Could I get a Poochyena please?




First i would like the visited 100 days badge, which is called “Aficionado” (proof is in the pic about to show) Requesting it because i mentioned it a few times, not got it yet so i figured i put it here.
Also I got 113 posts now and would like A Eevee for an adoptable.

Also would like the 10 likes on a topic badge, im just stating it just in case its actually what i think it is (knowing me i could be wrong)

If I cant get any, the adoptable would be the least i would love at least. Thanks!


The Eevee has been granted. We are still working on the 10/100 day badge issues, and the 10 likes on a topic badge is only granted if the original post in the thread reaches 10 likes. The number you see there is the amount of likes of all posts in the thread combined.


Yeah i figured i was wrong, and i figured that was what it truly was. had to put it there just in case. But thanks for the adoptable though.


500-550 posts: Larvesta --> Volcarona

so basically gimme volc pls ty




I have 272 posts currently
Can I get a Zorua and evolve it into Zoroark?



One fluff Mareep, please.

EDIT: Oh wow 200 posts in this thread.