Badge and Adoptable Request Topic

Badge and Adoptable Request Topic


Badge Request Topic

Regular Badges

Badges are granted automatically for completing certain actions, or manually by moderators for completing events or participating in categories. A list of Badges can be found on this page. Not all Badges can be requested - those that can say so in the description. If you meet the requirements to request one of these, reply to this topic!

Pokémon Badges (“Adoptables”)

Pokémon Badges are requested and raised in an adoptable-style system! You can request Pokémon badges in this topic every 50 posts you create. The rules are:

  • Every 50 posts you create you may reply to this topic to either request a new unevolved Pokémon as a badge, or evolve one you already have.
  • Include your current posts count in your reply to this topic so moderators can verify this. To find your posts, look at the “total posts count” field in your profile summary. This includes both topics created and replies made.
  • Shiny Pokémon may not be requested.
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokémon may not be requested, but may be distributed as part of events.
  • Requested Pokémon must be unevolved, unless you choose to evolve them instead of receiving a new Pokémon.

The Scene-shot Competition! (Week #2 - Strength)

it says I have 200 posts so do I get 2 Pokemon?


or you can pick one and then evolve it right away


then may I request Deerling and Phanpy please? :slight_smile:




yay tysm!! :grin:


Really cool we got this going!
I’ll take a Fennekin and an Eevee if possible!


In total I have 132 topics + posts, I’d like to start with a Bagot please :3


btw you don’t have to add your replies and topics together to get your posts number anymore, see the “total posts” field in your profile stats. that’s topics + replies, and it’s the number you need for this


Oh cool! May I request Snivy, please? :>


Can I have: Pokémon Fanfic Author, please? :slight_smile:


both done !


Does Phione count as legendary? ;p If not I want that and a Kirlia.

If it does count I have 379 posts, and would like a Gardevior.


Not home to do this myself so can I have a castform :smiley:


200 posts my end, so I’m grabbing a Jolteon (Eevee + Evolution)


Hey, could I have Beginning Resource Author and Progressing Resource Author? I’ve posted 5 resources already (and will post a couple more soon for the Veteran badge :eyes:)


doing all of these now, sec
next time please remember to include your current total post count in your request post, for those who didn’t. we need this so we can verify that it’s been 100 more posts when you make your next request.


After some talking I’d like to request Original Story Author for this story! Dragonscales & Stardust 🌟


May I please have a Froakie badge?