Ash is here!

Ash is here!


I am a new member. I have many experience with RPG Maker XP and is currently working on my own game, Pokemon Volt. I know Scripting too that might help peoples in their games.
So That’s all.
I want to make new friends here, So, Are there any good members ready to be friends with me?
I’ll sure help this server if someone need help with me.


Hey! welcome! That’s great that you know how to code! I hope you have great time in the fourms.


Hi Ash! You should check out our gamedev section and fangames discord! RGSS is great, good luck with your game and I’d be happy to be a friend


Thank you all and Sorry for the late reply, I am very busy sometimes in my text-series.


Wow, that’s an impressive set of skills! The people here are very friendly, so you’ll make friends in no time!


Thanks :slight_smile:


Heya dude welcome to the forum!


Looks like I am a bit late welcoming you but nonetheless, welcome! :smiley:


Thanks to all of you :blush: