Archeops and Carracosta

Archeops and Carracosta


Which one do you like better? Do you think they were great additions to the fossil group?

I prefer Archen/Archeops, Carracosta is still one of the coolest fossil pokemon imo, but Archeops is a very close favorite in they group with its high speed and attack stats and cool design!


Archen/Archeops, easily, though unfortunately it has that really bad ability dragging it down too. It probably wouldn’t be too crazy overpowered if it had something like Early Bird, Run Away or Anticipation, either.

Carracosta just kinda exists and has to compete with stuff like Omastar and Kabutops.


Do I have to answer?


Carracosta has a cool enough design but it’s not very good being pretty much a crappier version of Omastar or Kabutops as Fawful said. Archeops has a killer design and is really powerful, it’d actually be a really good mon if it weren’t for its shithouse ability… even if it is an Aerodactyl redux.