Alien [Movie Series]

Alien [Movie Series]


Alright so, the Alien Movie Series:
We have Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Resurrection, Prometheus and Covenant as of last year.

Have you watched any of the movies in the series? What were your thoughts? If you watched it before Prometheus did you expect more movies in the series at all? And what were your thoughts with Covenant?

If you haven’t look into the series. Its an older series that’s grown into the future and it’s one of my personal favorite group of sci fi films. It does have a bit of gore though, so I may have had to look away a bit :>


Am I allowed to post sexy xenomorph pics or will I be banned


I should watch Alien sometime, but I never watched any of the movies. Or any of the Predator ones, in hindsight.


I think I’ve watched the first four, although there’s been a lot of time between each of them so I can’t say I remember any particular one very well. The first three were kind of what you’d expect from a horror-sci fi franchise, starting with a single alien and then progressively making more of them, and stronger, etc. Not exactly the most exciting of plotlines, but good at the time if you wanted to creep yourself out with some messed up creatures and violent deaths.

From what I recall, Resurrection has some pretty messed up stuff, I mean I like Ridley Scott but that’s a bit far even for that, haha (no spoilers)… I didn’t even know there was a Prometheus movie, and although I’d heard of Covenant I kind of passed it off as just another movie in the franchise. After all, how good can sequels of sequels of sequels be?

EDIT: Whoops, it was Sigourney Weaver that had to go through the messed up stuff, but Ridley Scott that wrote it, still kind of gross in my opinion though.