Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


Wait, how do we know you aren’t even Mafia, Spaggy??


Like, for sure.


And I think we know who to vote for atm, with Ho-oh acting strange


All I know for sure is Radiating is s c u m! I didn’t even have to do my night action for that one. See y’all I’m skilled af.


I know Spaget isn’t mafia, and Spaget knows Spaget isn’t mafia, but at this point roleplaying isn’t fooling anybody.


Spaget knows Radiating is mafia as well!


You can softclaim cop but how do we know Zos isn’t cop?


Because… I’M cop. Silly CaptainButter!


How would I think that if I don’t even think he was on the forums at the time the gun was shot?

Yet right when it happened, you became surprisingly more active and aggressive.


Why are you guessing at Zoska when Ho-Oh already falseclaimed cop :thonk:
You’re just making up stuff at this point.


I don’t know for sure that you’re cop since theres still a few options here. Zos has been helpful with information just as much as you or me, maybe even more so.


Admin powers yo.

Radiating was defo online. There’s like a double mask they have for admins. It’s a cool trick. :slight_smile:


Because Ho-oh is clearly acting suspicious


Ho-Oh didn’t false claim cop - HO-OH IS COP y’all!


I doubt that.


Would I ever lie to you Specifice? :((((((((((


To save your own skin lol


Mafia lie all the time :eyes:


Although, I don’t think we can lynch someone with just 2 votes at this point…


I like your skin more. It’s furry.

But no I cannot tell a lie. I can only tell masked truths. I’m like Santa.