Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


Sorry, to clarify I meant that you were saying there was a possible three, not actual three.

As for me getting voted to be lynched, Theres been more evidence of Dedenne being mafia, even if he tried convincing otherwise. I tried pointing out things just as much as others and being more active to help myself and others learn. Theres not really much else I can think to defend my claims other than that. I’m going to go with my gut here.

I think if ANYTHING Radiating is mafia because he’s been quiet and bandwagoning, I’m not sure whether to lynch Radi or lynch Dednne.


idrc about what you’re saying about me

Prove you’re innocent and ACT on your suspicions of Radi

that alone should prove I’m innocent to you.


Who’s going to do it? >_>




Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

@Radiating pulls out a gun and shoots Dedenne.

@Dedenne is dead. He was the Gunsmith.


UM, wait fabrication maybe??


Im honestly suspicious of both of you but in this case you have more evidence and only giving a STRANGE AMOUNT OF INFO now when suspicion got too high. I’m going with you.





Well, this was probably the Illusionist at work.

The only reason I wasn’t killed was probably since revealing me as the Cop would only confirm my suspicions.


That looks so suspicious of ME now but

WHY WOULD I PULL OUT A GUN AND SHOOT SOMEONE RIGHT NOW?? That doesn’t help me look any better.


Unless I see info leading me to think otherwise, my vote still stands. I don’t think Radiating is even online.


Radiating is online?? Look at discord


At this point, unless @Radiating has the gun then it’s just 3-3, and thus not looking good. Or if one of the mafia had a gun, and we’re all about to die.


You and Ho are the only others online, so you’re both suspect.

Not on the forums, tho.


Why would Dedenne give Radiating a gun when he found him so suspicious??


It was unlikely to start with.


It could’ve been in the beginning, we don’t know who he handed guns out to.


Well yea that just proves he’s mafia then sooooooo:

[Lynch] Radiating


I’m betting one of you is an Illusionist.


Radiating? Yep, 100% follow that logic.