Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


I wanted to agree that they should reveal, but only if they have information and if they have one that is fine, we are in a situation that might cause us to not have another day if a gun is shot off wrong and we lynch incorrectly. We can’t wait around for 2 or 3 and I just wanted to state that I believe there to be a max of 3 mafia, two goons and an Illusionist which btw:

Starts the game with a gun. Can choose someone during the night and when the gun is fired, it will appear to have been shot by the person chosen.

So if we have 8 people, and the mafia have three, and they have TWO kills possible, then this could technically be lynch or lose. So I would almost guarantee we have 3 mafia members with a slight possibility of two, but very little.

I was only looking at yesterday, in which Shiny wasn’t active at all from what I see in that, to the extent of the others listed at least.


ohh you mean yesterday as in real time yesterday and not yesterday in Mafia, okie!
Ah and that makes sense then. How would we be able to discern more effectively then, if our cop wasn’t able to find mafia? I’m pretty stumped otherwise.

And what do you mean it by being lynch or lose :0? If they had two kills with 3 mafia, it’d end at 3 to 3? Unless that’s a lose, then oof.


Flaws in each others arguments/lack of activity really, we dont have many power roles so we’re working with bare minimum information here.

If they have two kills it pits us 3 v 3 yeah, but if we lynch incorrectly today and they have two kills, that’s 2 v 3, game over. Hence, Lynch or Lose, lynch correctly or lose.

Hoping my math is up to par there with the current count.


Okay hear me out when I say this. I’m probably just overthinking but a thought keeps nagging me. It’s VERY possible that whom ever is Mafia, if Dedenne is (which I still suspect he is thanks to overthinking.)

What if he killed Mimi off to make it look EXTRA suspicious just so that…it wasn’t WHY would he kill someone suspicious of him? Too obvious?? I feel like that could be a route he wanted to take to throw us off.

He does make a good point about Radi though, people have pointed him out and he didn’t say much of anything so… that’s suspicious. Clearly he’s active. Just not as active as the rest.
I sadly don’t have many more thoughts other than that on who could be suspicious aside from the quiet people.

In my head, since Dedenne is saying theres possibly three Mafia… He and Radiating could take up two of those slots.


I would never give this information out if I were mafia firstly. Why would I tell you there are three? And nobody even realized it’s lynch or lose territory, why would I want the town to push for getting a correct lynch if I was mafia? I don’t think this makes you suspicious because you’re still new to mafia, but I can see your overthinking here since you’re looking over the obvious.

In another game however, I’m sure that’d possibly make sense? I’ve never even considered it, but this is beginners mafia, nobody would think to do that, not even me. If I wanted to throw you off, I wouldn’t have even brought it up until someone accused me again directly or voted me. A mafia member would have nothing to gain from giving you all this information, correcting mistakes and drawing attention to themselves as calling out framing.


I can see both yours and Shiny’s point of views, though now it does make more sense for you to be townie to me after that explanation.

Any other ways we could possibly discern who’s mafia :0?


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

A gunshot can be heard in the distance.

@Saridlin is dead. She was a Vanilla Townie.


I don’t know about if anyone else has any info, or ideas on how to discern but for now my advice and what I’ll be doing is waiting to see if Radiating or Forever have anything to add. Moreso @Radiating?


Ok i had a 502 error and a bad gateway and a internal server error so I didnt see that.

A gunshot can be heard in the distance, that gives no clarity, illusionist or gunsmith is possible???

Either way this is EXTREME lynch or lose jesus.


Right, well that completely undermines all of my arguments…
Doing a cop reveal xD
I’m pretty sure it’s Shiny, Zoska, and Ho-Oh left since it’s not the rest of us. (Because I checked the others, to clarify what I’ve found)


All I can say is hope the mafia didn’t get the guns and shoot us all first. If there’s three mafia, which is probable, then it’s probably all three of them; if not, then I’m not sure which one of them is townie.

I guess if I have a final thing to say, as it stands the townie-mafia ratio is 4-3 or 5-2. If you have your guns, use them, since it’s a pretty close game and any action could probably make a difference.

OH and [Lynch] Shiny


Considering the conversation from earlier, it’s looks like, out of the three of those people, Shiny was the one active. :eyes:

[Lynch] Shiny


Oookay well. That’s very interesting. I was inactive because SZ admin stuff + IRL business and I thought I was vanilla up until last night (going through my PM inbox as I got an admin alert and realised Johnny sent me two PMs… I didn’t notice the second one lmfao). The first one was just saying I’m vanilla and he re-sent saying he basically fucked up and sent the vanilla to the wrong person and that I’m cop. I don’t know why Magipika is claiming it unless they read the lynch or lose thing and was like “ok time to kill town otherwise mafia is fucked” but I was definitely told I was a cop. Either way fwiw last night I investigated Saridlin was told they are not mafia.


Magi was saying go with the cop I think.

Most of what you said makes sense, don’t know if I believe it all but, Magipika perhaps you should act on your vote if you’re confident.

Oh oops I pinged wrong



I updated my post @Dedenne

And despite claiming to be the cop Ho-Oh, you only seem to be backing it up with information that’s already known. Is it because you don’t want us to have proof that you’re lying? :thonk:


Well, I know I’m Townie, so if Magi’s really trying to kill us then I feel he would’ve mentioned my name as well, no?


I dont mean that

I mean act

You’re aware of what I mean.


Yeah, well… I can’t anymore.

You’ll probably figure out what I mean.


So there’s only one more person who can act then.

Why did you change your vote to Shiny magi?

And shiny looking forward to your post, perhaps you should act on your suspicions on Radi if the suspicions are wrong.


I didn’t change my vote to Shiny, I changed my vote from nothing to Shiny. I just forgot to put in my actual vote since I didn’t know who to do at the time.