Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


Yeah, but it’s still more or less a full day. The day phase started when I went to bed last night. Plenty of discussion can still be had.


Still suggesting to shoot anyone? Kiiind of just feels like a reveal tactic AND to more people out… that’s too sus. Sorry, Canas but I have to go with voting you.

[Vote] Canas


Oh my bad, I thought we only had a few hours left.


Yea, that’s wayyy more sus than whatever we had on Dedenne, so I have to agree with him.

I’m not sure on the lynch yet though since there’s still some hours left in case someone wants to bring something forward :0?


Votes can be changed if something more convincing comes along.


Ooo ok!
Then I’ll have to agree on the vote as of now uwu

[Vote] Canas

Nobody’s really been talking otherwise all too much :0


Would still like to hear from Radiating and Mimi tonight.


Nothing to say that hasn’t already been said… although in my opinion if Canas were a mafia member that would be a pretty bad play on his part. I can’t tell if he’s making a major accusation to draw attention to himself, or if this is some sort of sacrifice because he knows something. Either way, there aren’t very many other obvious targets besides Dedenne, maybe mimi or Radiating, so guess I’ll put down a vote for now.

[Vote] Canas



So nothing happened last night, no visits or anything. It is pretty sketchy how Canas has been trying to get dedenne shot. That’s a pretty hard act for a little suspicion.

[Vote] Canas


Can’t remember if I voted or not but I fully agree with the Canas reasons.

[vote] Canas

Especially odd that he isn’t saying a thing…


Hello I was busy with school sorry :<

also I think when Dedenne voted Canas that was a big omgus (oh my god you suck) except Canas didn’t vote Dedenne or did I miss it and just wanted him shot.

though at first it seemed like a good idea to me and when Dedenne replied to Canas about that, he seemed… pissed off?? idk whenever I’m mafia in a game I sometimes have an attitude that I don’t like, but since this is my first game with Dedenne, I don’t know if that’s normal or if that’s a mafia member


tbh same mimi about the wording.
It definintely puts Dedenne under more suspiscion for me perosnally because I think he wouldve acted more calm. I think he may have some sort of a motive pushing for Canas’ lynching, but at this point I’d like to think that Canas’ reasons are much more unreasonable than Dedenne’s. He at least put some explanation to it that makes sense.
I fully agree that we should stay wary uwu


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

Night is up! You have to 24 hours to send in your Night Actions, @everyone !

Night 2

@Conos is dead. He was a Vanilla Townie.


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

Day is up. Let’s get those votes rolling.

Day 3

@mimi is dead. He was a Vanilla Townie.

The town is obviously at a disadvantage right now. What I’d suggest is to take a good look at your numbers and come up with a plan before voting. There have been several deaths, and deaths are information. Put that information to good use @everyone



well that leaves us with 8 players at the moment then?
and if we take into account that all the deaths have been townies, that leaves us with 5-6 of em left which may or may not be a gunsmith, oracle, doctor, or bomb. And we do have a cop, so they should know something about someone unless all the people they look at have gotten killed already which incase, rip.

Suspicion currently lies strongest with Dedenne then I think?
The people who have talked the least/added to discussion the least would be Ho-oh and Radi?

Otherwise, I’m not sure what to do here. Anyone notice anything weird or find anything they can safely say?


I would suggest that if the cop has found out the identities of at least two mafia members, to reveal. That’d be a loss of one for 2 since we could lynch them as a town over the course of 2 days which I personally think isn’t all too bad?
Though if you’d like to, probably take 1 more night to find a possible 3rd or fourth mafia as well. But I think by that time, our chances of losing an optional role becomes way high and by Day 5, we might not have enough town-aligned to win. If you manage to find 3 or 2 mafia by Day 4, I feel it’d be best to accuse so that the town can lynch them off/shoot if a gunsmith has been here handing out guns.
That way we’d lose our cop and a townie for 2 or more mafia members, but in a way that would still keep the town at a higher number of residents than mafia even if we can only lynch.

What about y’all :0?


Well before anyone attempts to “connect the lines”, since the mafia have very simplistic roles and little to go off on who to kill (why they’ve only killed vanillas) they’re using their kills strategically, specifically to incriminate me it seems.

First Aaron brings up how I’m a tad suspicious, and I think I responded fine to it, but I wasn’t suss of him, I was getting a strong town vibe from him. Now we got Mimi, who, apart from Sari, was the only person to really point at me as a possible mafia.

Neither of them knew though, and though I’m no veteran if I was mafia I would never kill two people, especially one the day after with so much suspicion of me, because that’s counterproductive. It makes me appear more suss to those still living rather than killing someone who defended me or brought up other valid points would draw suspicion away.

Anyways yes we have 8 players, I would bet that’s five townies, one cop, and one gunsmith, bomb or oracle. At this point I’d say I’m 99% sure no doctor or they’re just bad at their job.


This is unlikely, we are on day 3 so he/she has had 3 night actions, out of all the people they likely investigated someone that died already, and maybe a vanilla or a power role, otherwise you’d see someone strongly going for someone else without relent. There’s no reason for the cop to come forward unless they have found one member of the mafia or are about to be lynched, or if someone actually roleclaims cop falsely, but that’s for another time if that happens…

I think the maximum amount of mafia members we’d have is three.

And if there are guns, there could be 3 in circulation right now, from our viewpoints there are vanillas all around us. So, if the cop does come forward with a member of the mafia, anyone who has a gun if they have it should shoot them provided they’re vanilla. Even if they are revealed, that wouldn’t hurt them any eh?

But yeah, no way the cop has info on 2 mafia members, unless they’ve been extremely lucky.

I’ve been the most suspicious of three people, Mimi, Nica/Forever, and Radiating. One is proven inno, forever might just be inactive, but radiating? We’ve asked for comment time and time again and he’s given very little. :thonk:


Right, so mimi’s dead…
Mimi only said one thing before dying in the last day phase, and it was:

So either it was a “random” kill, which I sincerely doubt, but I’m leaning much more towards Dedenne being framed, since it’d be ridiculous for Dedenne to kill the mimi right after being called out. I really don’t think that he would draw so much attention to himself by doing this, but even so there’s still a lot of people left who we don’t know much about…

Right now, there’s me, Zoska, Dedenne, Sari, Radi, Spaget, Shiny, and Ho-oh left (I think). As a side note before I keep going, who’s Nica/Forever @Dedenne?




I’m not saying it was for sure that’d they’d know, only to suggest that if they have been lucky enough to find 2, they should. Always good to try and ask : D
I’m not entirely sure what your point was in pointing that part out because you still state that the cop should reveal? Pretty much all your discussion of my post seems like a fluff up for your own post to add sus to me because there’s nothing new presented with it.

Now I was not the only one to pin you as possible mafia besides mimi last day, but Shiny was also pretty active in that discussion as well. Dont know why you left it out//

I do agree on the fact that Radi has been pretty suspicious if we look at amount of posts/discussion.