Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


What if Dedenne is the doctor and that’s why he proposed to reveal so early, knowing he could protect them :0?
But to not reveal, he backtracked when Tyler said it’s best not to. :thinking:


That’d be a fair point, Sari. Slightly outing yourself for someone else to be outted in means of protection but I think GS only has one charge so if they use it, that’s it? If they out themselves they can be killed.


One charge :0? Does that mean they can only give a gun to one person? Or is it just one person per night?


That I don’t know LOL




There also can’t be a doctor and a gunsmith so I’m afraid that doesn’t work.

Again I was actually just answering Johnny in that a good start would be to eliminate who we have, I didn’t really think about those being targeted who have a gun. I’m used to larger power roles being in play huehue.


There’s a lot more suspicion being cast than I expected, to be honest I agree with Canas for the most part (besides just shoot Dedenne). There are definitely not very many leads, especially since Desox and Aaron were both Vanilla townies. There might be a Bomb and/or an Oracle, but from what I’ve understood their role only becomes important when they die so there’s no real benefit to learning who they are; and obviously it’s better for them not to identify since the mafia not knowing benefits the townies.

To be honest, I’m suspecting there probably is a gunsmith-illusionist pair, since if the mafia just voted everyone out that wouldn’t be very eventful, so there’s probably an Illusionist in the game… and if someone was shot, without the Gunsmith then we’d know there was an Illusionist as well.
(I know we can only make these deductions since it’s such a small game, but since nothing much has happened or been revealed I’m just going off of opinion.)

Otherwise, we just have to question whether Doctor or Cop are in here? I’m not sure how many power roles there normally are in a game, but the Doctor just has to keep their eyes on people if they exist, and the Cop just has to look at people if they exist, etc… Either my intuition isn’t that great or we don’t know enough to figure out really any of the roles, but hopefully if something irregular happens that’ll be cleared up.

Side notes: Sorry this post was so long, that’s what happens when all the debating happens hours before you get home… I’d be interested to hear what you guys think about this ;3
Bootleg wobblurk says hi :wobblurk:


“…if something irregular happens that’ll be cleared up.”

I’m afraid that’ll probably mean more deaths for us or hoping that somebody slips up. ._.


Well in my opinion, unless you want to lynch Dedenne for asking if people had guns, then there’s not much we can do, especially not confidently. If you do want to do it, just make sure it’s not because you got cyborged last time >.>


I would never. (Starts typing the lynch command.)

But yeah, Canas why give people the go ahead to shoot someone and possibly reveal themselves?


Canas seems really keen to get someone to shoot Dedenne… but why? Do you know something we don’t Canas?


Holy shit, you guys were active. Gimme a moment to read up on all this.

Okay, so what I’m getting from the game atm is

  • A little bit of suspicion placed on Dedenne
  • A little bit of pressure for people with guns to reveal
  • Maybe a GS/Illusionist combo
  • People hoping we have a Doctor and/or Cop

First thing I wanna get out of the way is wanting the person/people who possibly have a gun to reveal. At first I was all for this because people tend to get so suspicious of the person who received the weapon and didn’t reveal it. I realise that’s a pretty bad idea because if that person isn’t mafia, they’ve just painted a target on their back for outing a possible defense. It’s a low chance for a GS to give a gun to a mafia member with the numbers.That’s why I’m thinking if someone does have a gun, and they’re gonna shoot, then to announce when you’re going to do it and the reasoning behind it.

I’m reading Canas’ posts and I’m wondering if he’s accidentally softclaiming Cop or GS. I agree that Dedenne is looking a little suspicious right now, but I don’t know if that warrants using a gun on him just yet or maybe I’m just oblivious to the pace of the game. Unless Canas visited him as a Cop and saw his alignment :thinking:

Personally, I don’t think a Doctor is in the game. Dedenne gave the same reason earlier. I would’ve gone to protect Aaron as soon as I saw Desox go down, but maybe they went to someone else if one does exist. I’m hoping for an Oracle or a Bomb to show up, but that’s gonna be less and less likely as the days go on.


On an afterthought, I’ve noticed @Radiating hasn’t said much, yet, this game. I wanna know if there’s a reason for that and what your thoughts are so far :eyes:


Radiating didn’t even say anything beyond voting right?

Also a Cop was guaranteed in the OP, there is:

  • 1 Cop
  • 1 of the following: Doctor, Gunsmith, Bomb, Oracle
  • The rest of the town is Vanilla Townies

And for the mafia there is an Illusionist, and probably 2 mafia goons I’d think.


Well shit, I really gotta learn to read the opening post more closely :eyes:

Also, no, he didn’t. Mimi’s only made one post, too, but he actually said something during his vote.


I suggested shooting anyonecause it would help us clear up wether there is a smith or illusionist and because dedenne is sus we might as well shoot him, if we just let it continue like that we are going to lose.


That would give them a target to go for though…

And, well, we’re really short on time…

[Vote] Canas


What the fuck? I haven’t hardly commented on the suss readings of me, and I’m not even angry that you said to shoot me, but I took back me saying to shoot anyone because it’d be stupid to reveal those who have guns along with if there’s a gunsmith, and now you’re saying I’m suss because of that, yet saying exactly what I said while giving a target and telling people to risk it?

Where’s the logic, and I don’t see how we are going to lose if we continue like this?? What is this, acting on a tiny bit of suspicion Day 2, chancing people being revealed? If you are saying we might as well shoot me, why didn’t you vote for me? Because you didn’t want an enemy? Or did you just want to confirm a gunsmith, and possibly reveal the shooter to the mafia? Your actions make little sense Canas, so:

[Vote] Canas


Yeah, it’s still somewhat early in the game, and shooting based off of a little bit of suspicion is just gonna end in a town member getting killed. If we’re fairly certain someone’s scum af, then that’s the time to use a gun. It makes me wonder why you wanna know if there’s a GS so bad.

[Vote] Canas

EDIT: For now, anyway.

We have like a day left.


Isn’t today the last day?