Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3



On another note - don’t post when dead like I just did and make sure to read the GM’s rules, folks!


Rip another townie dead D:

Doesn’t seem like we can really deduce anything rn either? What do the experienced players think :0?


Anybody notice anything weird last night?? I don’t know where to look.


Well looking at maybe how the other mafia worked, we could look at who talked yesterday?

Shiny didnt talk besides vote, and then radi and Ho-oh were pretty low as well.

Maybe one other thing to look at is Tyler’s and Sunset’s contradicting opinions on whether a cop or bomb is more likely. Since Tyler was revealed as townie due to death, his reasoning is due to experience rather than anything a role would give, so it could make Sunset’s reasoning more suspicious towards knowing something since we don’t know his role :0?? idk I’m just trying to throw things out there as a beginner xD
And he was hella sneaky in that other game soooooo…

anyways, what do y’all think?


Pointing out who hasn’t talked yesterday isn’t much to go off of. There wasn’t much to make out of this since everything seemed hard to make out.

Two townies are dead though, possibly more than two mafia as stated by Johnny’s hint, and a handful of vanilla townies with optional roles. Did I miss how many optional roles could be added? Like all of them could of made it or just a few? I’m guessing theres a cop, GS and Bomb since that makes for a more interesting game but that’s just my guess.


Makes sense.

Johnny didnt really specify and just said “which of the 4”. : /


I feel like GS and Bomb are the most probable, since they seem the most exciting and game changing. Now since GS is a Town Aligned role, why would Dede feel the need to ask if anyone had been given a gun? Tyler is gone so he’s obviously not suspect but he DID say right after Dede’s post to NOT say you have a gun. That’s a bit of a weird coincidence for Dede’s case.


I think he felt the need to ask as it’d be the easiest way to determine whether there really is a gunsmith. And it’d get us somewhere on it as well. Otherwise, I’m not sure at all how to determine the roles this far in.


Yeah I can see that, it still makes him look suspicious though


oo, he also recommends the cop reveal himself if he gets a gun eventhough we don’t know whether we have a doctor to protect them. That probably adds to suspicion as well :0?


Oh that’s a big red flag wtf. Jester isn’t a role here is it? That seems like he’s begging to be suspected


Nope, the list doesn’t say anything about Jester.

Well I guess that’s a start on something then.


I’m a bit busy but:

Going off who didn’t talk is a good strategy imo, if it wasn’t Day 1 and we had more to go off of. However, saying nothing at all before voting nobody is weird.

No jester is not in the game, and I wouldn’t have the cop or any other role come forward at this time unless they are about to be lynched.


Ok I actually read up since I guess I can take a break from work.

The reason I asked if anyone got a gun was to answer a Johnny’s question, it’s a good idea not to reveal at the moment who has guns though at the moment if they did, but that is the easiest way to eliminate one of the options.

At the moment it’s likely we don’t have a doctor, since I feel they would have aided Aaron as he is a veteran, bomb and Gunsmith TBD.


Well you did specify if you arent cop, dont come forward about the gun instead of just saying, if you received a gun, dont say. :thinking:


Yeah sorry, I should’ve been more specific. It is a good strategy unless it’s Day 1 like you said.

Still doesn’t feel like a good reason to point that out on day 1 though, Mafia always seems the strongest with all the numbers and possibilities on people…


I’m not sure what to think. Did anyone disagree with Aaron or contradict him? Cuz if so that’s probably a good lead to follow.


Aaron pushed for the bomb being on and to just pressure people, I’m honestly guessing they killed him just because he’s an experienced player, anyway we don’t really have a ton of leads besides Dedenne.
I also think Illusionist and Gunsmith are on because they play off each other really well (and there’s really no reason for illusionist without gunsmith) Honestly I’d say that if you have a gun just shoot Dedenne since he’s sus and we can pretty much clear up if we have gunsmith or not along with the illusionist.


But how can we be sure that theres an illusionist if someone shoots Dedenne? The existence of the gunsmith would be confirmed, but I’m not sure about the illusionist part.

Also you’re really quick to get to shooting him so perhaps you know something others don’t :0?

We could just wait until its time to lynch instead. And then maybe Dede could provide something to back himself up and we’d all get more info of some sort if he has anything.


I’m not sure that there is a illusionist, I do however think there is a p good chance that if there is a gunsmith there will be a illusionist since both roles are closely tied together.