Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


Only better outcome was the doctor visiting him and protecting him, but thankfully we only lost a vanilla. Not too bad.

Also we have 11 people, likely 3 mafia and 8 townies, I would think we have a cop, and probably not a bomb, since this is a beginners mafia but who knows.

Did anyone get a gun last night? It’ll be harder to figure out the other three, but again I think it’s most likely Johnny chose to either implement Doctor or Gun Smith since they’re very common roles, Oracle and Bomb, not so much from what I’ve seen, But Oracle seems more likely to me, compared to a bomb.


rip Desox :pensive:

nope, i dont have a gun :0


A bomb is 99% likely to be in here because muhhhh no one uses it and generally Johnny will probably add it in as a result anyway.

Now information helps us, yes, but be careful. Reveal too much and mafia will know who to target and who to utilise to make their jobs easier.

Therefore, if you have received a gun I highly advise: DO NOT SHOOT YET and DO NOT TELL US RIGHT NOW; we have NOTHING to highlight even suspicion right now (other than Dedenne asking those questions off the bat) and in saying so all you will do right now is tell the mafia who to target or who to avoid.

Sure we can protect them but this will shoehorn our protective roles into only targeting them, meaning mafia gets easy pickings of the other players.


I wouldn’t think in a beginners mafia, but I guess we will see.

Also I’m saying that’s how we would figure out one of them, as it relates to Johnny’s question, nobody must come forward about it, and I only recommend it if you intend to shoot it soon. For example. If a cop got a gun last night and he learned the identify of one of the mafia, they would want to shoot them immediately imo, despite the 50% possibility of it revealing them, but that’s me as one person lost to take down 1 of 3 mafia seems logical.

But either way I agree with Aaron on the last part so for now i would advise:

  • If you received a gun and are not the cop don’t mention it here yet
  • If you are the cop, always use your night action (obvious I know)
  • If you are the doctor protect who you believe to be town, I would say protect someone each night regardless as guns can’t be shot at night, no? The only risk is giving away we have a doctor if that is the caer which gives the mafia little to go on even then.
  • If you are the bomb, if for some reason it’s here, do not role claim ever, unless you have a substantial amount of votes for lynching you, also do not false roleclaim as since this is an open game we know what the roles are and we will know when someone is lying because of the one person with that role or a different role.

For now I await everyone’s thoughts, perhaps someone will seem suspicious.


Well, I know if an Oracle dies they reveal the role of the last person they’ve chosen. I’m assuming, from the epicmafia site, that something similar happens with the Bomb? It says anyone that tries to kill them will be blown up, but it won’t explode if lynched. If the Bomb itself blows up then they must die from the explosion too, right?


The bomb does die, too.


Bomb is a fairly simple role. Cop is a definite tho and illusionist loses a ton of its interesting parts without the gunsmith. So if one of them is in the other must be.


Rip desox

Didn’t get the gun


Anywho, [VOTE]No one, I think at the moment it seems there no real leads and right now I’m worried about poking people to see if someone slips up


I’m ok with that logic [vote] nobody let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Rip Desox

12 players, 6 town roles and 2 mafia roles.

Since this is only a beginner game, I’m gonna assume the standard power roles, Cop and Doctor, are in, plus another power role. If neither Gunsmith nor Oracle, then probably Bomb or smth?

Also gonna [VOTE] No one for now.


Well, the general consensus seems to be that we don’t have enough information to condemn anyone for sure, without painting targets on ourselves. I’d say waiting it out a night to see if we can narrow it down is probably a better option for now.

[VOTE] No one


I believe it’s actually we have a cop, and then either a gunsmith, doctor, oracle or bomb. Only one I guess hmm.

And I guess [vote] nobody for now.


At this point, there isn’t much to go on and all obvious information has already been put out there. I kinda want to take a stab in the dark with a vote, but everyone seems pretty neutral with their poker faces.

[Vote] No one


alrighty, experienced players seem to be the ones to follow xD
[vote]no one


[Vote] Nobody


[Vote]No one


[Vote] Nobody


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

The sun sets and nobody’s killed.

Night 1

This is when discussion stops and you send your Night Actions to me via PM.
It was a good call to No Lynch, given that no Power Role was killed during the night, but perhaps there should’ve been more discussion about guns and the multi-roles. Remember that No Lynching doesn’t mean that you should’t discuss.

The Night Phase will last 24 hours or the time it takes for all night actions to be submitted.


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

Our good friend @Tyler is now dead. He was a Vanilla Townie.

Day 2

Discussion can now resume and remember, there aren’t necessarily 2 mafia members!

You have 48 hours until the Night Phase @everyone