Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


I had a whole line of explanation for why I thought Sari was guilty that never came to light, since she was a townie :zoomeyes:

If you’d like to hear it:

Sari was being super adamant that Dedenne was the killer, despite it being somewhat possible that he was being framed. Plus, I feel like she was only pushing for the cop reveal because she or another was bracing to shoot them upon announcement. (Keep in mind the Illusionist is still out there).

I’m pretty sure that Shiny is guilty as well since Sari has defended her so often. Otherwise, I have some mild suspicions for Zoska because she’s one of the other people Sari never called out. (Although Ho-Oh and Radi were both called out due to inactivity)


:3c I love that Dede is always the scapegoat


Wellllllllll tbf half of the reason FOR my inactivity really was those reasons but then the other half wasn’t wanting to be suspicious lmao



smh, it turns out talking more made me more suspicious of Sari in the end, I think I need to be a better detective


Sari was the most sensible and listened to reason I never doubted her


I knew that, I couldn’t believe the second part and after i was killed i was like literally they’re maf why isn’t shiny killing them

But shiny refused my order to act

So she was maf from then on to me


Right?? I was less suspicious when I barely talked wtf


This was the funnest Mafia Game I ever had though


FWIW: I think out of all the town members, Magipika was the MVP. His only mistake was to jump the gun (no pun intended) and kill Sari.

There should’ve been more discussion about guns. If people had revealed their guns, the last day could’ve gone differently for the town.


Btw Magi is your butt okay? I shot you on the buttcheeks



when Dedenne did that whole thing after my long post, when I said I agreed, I had this “aha” moment of perhaps he the gunsmith because whoelse would actually give a gun to me :thinking:

too bad i couldnt usE IT >:(((



I would’ve had so much fun killing Radi at night and then lynching Spaggy the next day



I messed up not revealing at the start of day 3, i did my math wrong.

I felt like we had a shot at another night going by so i didnt want to roleclaim quite yet, but when I saw an illusionist and figured out what to do I was too late


If we had pinged Radiating would we have had enough votes to get Shiny? I guess it wouldn’t matter since she could shoot the gun before it happened.


No I don’t think so Spaggy because we were tied I think? Even if ALL town voted me I still had a gun


I was too worried about being shot by the illusionist if I revealed my path of thought first, because then I wouldn’t be able to reveal the rest of my findings. It was lucky that I managed to discover only the townies that weren’t killed, but pretty stupid to act without thinking further.

I was just so convinced, haha…


I would have killed you had I not decided it was fun to claim cop lol


A gun would have been shot off today, I had 3 in circulation, I just wish Magi found out something useful from being the cop cause a cop + gun is niceeeee


It’ll be more interesting to see how it goes as a different role next time, but man, if only…

Don’t you pull identity theft on me :zoomeyes:


I knew Magi was legit when he didn’t list me as a possible Maf ahaha


Do you think we would have won if I had just announced that it was two or three of the remaining four? My concerns were that Ho-Oh or Shiny would have had the guns (which was true, haha) and would have shot the people with guns before they could shoot back.