Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3

Absolute Beginner's Mafia - Day 3


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

You want to learn how to play mafia? Perfect! This game is intended for beginners, but also to polish existing skills. Below we’ll host a FAQ and explain some basic concepts, make sure to read them.

What is mafia?

The game is divided by two main groups: the mafia and the town. At the start of the game, night falls and the mafia members will know each other’s identities, whereas the town does not. What does this mean? Is the Town at a disadvantage? No, the town’s advantage is in the numbers. They have to wipe out the entire mafia faction to win, whereas the mafia only have to outnumber the town or get to a point where it is no longer possible for the town to win. During the Night Phase, the thread is considered locked and no one can post, doing so will result in your death, and the mafia will discuss and kill one player of their choosing, and every player with a Power Role will decide their actions, more about roles later! During the Day Phase, all players can resume discussion and with deduction from the town, cast a vote to lynch someone, or by deception of the mafia.

What are roles?

A role can be taught as an ability or lack thereof. Roles without abilities are often called vanilla. There are hundreds of roles and sometimes the Game Master, or GM, for short, can make up new roles. Most common roles can be the Cop, which can use their action during the Night Phase and investigate someone, learning their alignment; cop is usually sided with the town. Another very common role is the Doctor, which can protect a player from death, also sided with the town. A very common mafia role is the Hooker, which can prevent a player from using their action during the night. Roleblocking is usually of the highest priority in night actions, that means, their action will always be performed before other roles.

Optional, but useful information:

As a Town member, what can you do to help? Well, let’s start with things that do not help: As a beginner, it might be tempting to make light-hearted, off-topic conversation with people you know, or your friends, is usually not helpful because it can go on for long and before you know it, the Day Phase is coming to an end. This usually results in a Random Lynch and think about it, the Town has the numbers, chances are that a Random Lynch will result in a townie’s death. So, what can you do to help? A very common feeling as a beginner is the fear of messing up, saying something that will make you likely to get lynched, but posting is usually seen as Pro-Town. Think about it from the mafia’s perspective: another beginner like you, playing as mafia, will quite likely try to blend in, avoid drawing attention to themselves, but remember, mafia is a team-effort and making discussion can be very helpful to the town, even if you do end up being lynched. The votes during the Day Phase is the easiest way to begin making deductions about people’s alignments. Be pro-active, the tiniest detail can be helpful, anything you can do to contribute towards finding the mafia will be seen as Pro-Town. One last thing: think as a mafia member, read the paragraph below and use it, along with your wits to try and find those sneaky bastards.

As mafia, what do you do? Take everything above into account, you can do the same. It doesn’t matter that you’re mafia because you won’t be lynching your partners. But Johnny, when the night falls, the lynchee’s alignment will be revealed. I bet that’s what you’re thinking, but fear not, scummy behavior is scummy behavior, doesn’t matter if you lynched scum or not, as long as you played your cards right, it won’t fall all on you, after all, you weren’t the only one to vote for the poor soul who just got lynched. Always try to state your reasons for your vote, voting for the sake of it is very likely to get you lynched.

Some random things to keep in mind:

  • Scumhunting is not the only way to win, if you identify all the townies, what remains is the mafia.
  • Try not to lie. You might be tempted to try and bait someone into messing up, by lying, but only do it there are high chances of success and it can’t blow up in your face.
  • Be careful when trying to disect someone’s behavior by doing a post-by-post analysis. You can fall prey to confirmation bias and stretch your reasoning to fit your conclusion.
  • Be conside, avoid writing up walls of text. People are more likely to understand you, or to read you in the first place.
  • Provide analysis, not information. Stating common knowledge to add “substance” to your posts is a classic scum tell.

Common slang and abbreviations:

  • RL stands for Random Lynch.
  • NL stands for No-Lynch and happens when the majority decides to abstain.
  • MYLO stands for Mislynch and Lose. Happens when the Town has to lynch mafia or they lose, but they can No-Lynch.
  • LYLO stands for Lynch-Or-Lose. Happens when the town has to lynch Mafia or they lose, but they can’t No-Lynch.
  • Bandwagon: A group of votes against one single player.
  • FoS means Finger of Suspicion. It’s when you think someone is suspicious.
  • ISO, short for isolation. It’s when you isolate someone’s posts to analyse them.
  • Power Role: A role that has a night action.


Now onto the fun part, this is the list of roles you will be randomly given upon signing up. These are very common roles, but with a slight twist in the mechanics. It’s a multi-setup, there can only be one of the following roles: Gunsmith, Bomb, Oracle or Doctor. Note: Depending on the number of players signing up, there may be more roles added and the number of Vanilla Townies will vary. You will receive your role by PM.

The Town
The uninformed majority. They win by wiping out The Mafia.

Can visit a player during the Night Phase and learn their alignment.

Can visit a player and protect them from any kill action.

Can give a gun to any player every night. Guns have a 50% chance of revealing the shooter upon firing.

Will explode upon being killed at night and kill the attacker. Will not explode if lynched.

When the oracles dies, will reveal the last person chosen.

Vanilla Townie
A role with no special ability.

The Mafia
The informed minority. They win by outnumbering the town and will receive an invite for a private discord server where

Starts the game with a gun. Can choose someone during the night and when the gun is fired, it will appear to have been shot by the person chosen.

A role with no special ability.


  • Magipika
  • Zoska
  • Dedenne
  • mimi as a Vanilla Townie.
  • Sariidin as a Vanilla Townie.
  • Tyler as a Vanilla Townie.
  • Canas as a Vanilla Townie.
  • Radiating
  • Desox as a Vanilla Townie.
  • Specifice
  • CaptainButter
  • Ho-Oh


  • All the Safari Zone rules apply.
  • The Day Phase will last for 48 hours. Night Phase lasts for 24 hours. Posting during the night is not allowed.
  • To state your vote, simply format it as [VOTE]PlayerName. To abstain, simply type [ABSTAIN]
  • Inactivity will result in you being modkilled or replaced. There is not a minimum amount of posts or missed votes. It will happen if I deem it necessary.
  • Death posting is not allowed.
  • Last, but not least, do not discuss the game outside this thread in any way that could alter the course of the game or influence players. It is best not to talk about it at all, but it’s not forbidden.


I would like to join!



Put me in coach :zoomeyes:


I’d love to join!
The mafia set up is pretty different from what I’m used to and its been a heck of while since I’ve last played so I’m excited! : D




Who’s Desox? I’m Des. Ox. Absolute beginner!



Henro, I’m in




First game in SZ lez go ^^


I’d be up for Mafia! I read pretty much all of the instructions but I’m still a bit clueless about the weapons and some of the turns… Count me in but I might need a bit of help haha : D


Don’t worry too much about it, right now. I’ll explain what happens during every step of the way.


I’ll join too simply because it’s probs ideal to have at least a few playing that aren’t brand new lol


Hello, grizzled war veteran expressing interest in signing up.


This will be starting tonight or tomorrow afternoon :eyes:


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia - Night 0

Roles have been assigned and so the first Night Phase begins. It will last 24 hours or when all actions have been sent, whichever comes first.

This is when those with a night action have to send me a private message to use their abilities. If you are a Vanilla Townie, you don’t have to send anything.

For this time only, discussion is allowed during the Night Phase. Use this opportunity to the best of your abilities and help your faction make the best of it, @everyone.

This phase will work just a start up for what’s to come, seeing as you cannot vote or talk (normally) during the night phase.


Reminder that you can talk during this Night Phase only, because I’m cool like that and that you cannot by any means, screenshot your role PMs.




@Johnny jsyk I didn’t get pinged for the @everybody


Absolute Beginner’s Mafia

Rise and shine, it’s murder day time!

Day 1

It seems our friend @Desox was brutally murdered. Desox was a Vanilla Townie.

@everyone it’s time to discuss and to vote. Remember to format your votes as [VOTE]Player

A good starting point for discussion would be: is there a way to know which of the 4 optional roles are in the game? i.e Gunsmith, Bomb, Oracle or Doctor.

You have 48 hours to discuss who and vote. Remember that you can abstain and vote no one. Good luck, everyone!