About the New Users Hangout category

About the New Users Hangout category


Just rolled in from a storm? Take a seat and we’ll offer you hot chocolate as you get to know everyone else around here. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

The New User’s Hangout is an introductory category for new and returning members. Feel free to make a topic to introduce yourself!

When posting introductory threads…

  • Post no more than one topic. One is enough!
  • Tell us about yourself! Feel free to write as much as you like about what brought you here, as well as your interests or hobbies.

When welcoming new members…

  • Please personalize your welcomes. Repeatedly posting the same generic welcome template for the sake of increasing your post count is not allowed.

And if you need a bit of help…

Still confused? Contact a staff member!

Thread written by @Nina and @Flower_Child.