About the Current Mafia Games category

About the Current Mafia Games category


Welcome to the Mafia Hub! This is a forum for participating in games of Mafia.

Rules for Game Masters

  • If you intend to submit your own game, you need to have participated in at least one other game in this section first. Typically we have a maximum of five or six games running at a time.
  • In the Mafia Hub, day phases typically last 48 hours whilst night phases last 24 hours. GMs must follow this standard day/night cycle unless otherwise discussed with the mods.
  • Game masters in the Mafia Hub are subject to a one week “cooldown” period after finishing a game. This means that for a week after your game finishes you cannot submit another one to make sure other people get a chance to start their own. Similarly, you should only be running one game at a time (excluding special event games).
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines below when creating a mafia game.
    • The number of people in the game must progressively decrease through the elimination of players.
    • There needs to be a day/night cycle or similar. If breaking the standard formula, make sure you discuss it with a moderator.
    • Work under the assumption that someone visiting from Epic Mafia (or similar) needs to be able to recognise your game as at least being related to/derived from traditional mafia.
  • Game masters have the right to deny members with a recent history of vegging (becoming inactive during a game) or rule breaking entry into their games or to remove players who become inactive or break rules from their active game. Personal problems with a member do not constitute a valid reason to do either of these things.

Rules for Participants

  • Whilst you are welcome to have a general discussion of an active game on our Discord server, in-depth game discussion of an active game outside of that game’s thread is prohibited - you cannot mention information that may break the game such as your role or suspicions of other players’ roles. If you do so, you may be removed from the relevant game and, if you repeatedly break this rule, banned from our Discord server. The exception to this rule is discussion in chat rooms made specifically for a game such as mafia or cultist chats.
  • Frequently breaking the rules of games or overly aggressive play can get you in some trouble. Be sure to follow the rules outlined in game threads as well as the general rules of the Mafia Hub. Breaking a game’s rules can result in your removal from that game.
  • Have fun killing one another! Just remember to try and keep salt levels to a minimum. Some of us might take the game more seriously than others, but ultimately nothing should be personal because when you get down to it, we all just want to enjoy the game.


How Mafia Works

The game of Mafia is a game of investigation and cunning, where the aim of the game is to eliminate or outnumber your opposing faction, depending on what team you are on. There are also some other potential win conditions, which will be covered in the relevant faction.

A standard game will operate in two phases - Day and Night. During the Day Phase, you will engage in discussion with the other players and come to a decision as to who will be eliminated at the end of that phase. Whoever is voted will then be immediately removed from the game at the end of the Day Phase. Day Phases will generally run for 48 hours, unless otherwise stated. Night Phases will last for 24 hours and during this time the thread is as good as locked. No one is to post in the thread and all Night Actions [explained in roles] are to be submitted. As a TL;DR, play goes as such:

  • Night Phase - all night actions are carried out and then resolved at the end
  • Day Phase - all players proceed to vote for who they think should be eliminated, day actions can be carried out at any time during this phase, unless otherwise specified. Votes are tallied up at the end, whoever has the most dies. Game proceeds to the next Night phase

In a game, there are two factions that will be used for play, however a third is sometimes used also. These are:

  • The Innocents (sometimes referred to as “Town”), are the Innocent faction and therefore the “uninformed majority”. What this means, is that you will not know who your fellow innocents are and will therefore need to use your wits (and role, depending on what you do) to find out who they are, so that you do not accidentally eliminate them. The Innocents will win if they manage to eliminate every member of The Mafia.

  • The Mafia are the Evil (sometiems referred to as “Scum”) faction and therefore the “informed minority”. As a result, all members of The Mafia will know who each other are and will be able to communicate with each other, which will be set up via a Discord server. The Mafia win if they either eliminate or have more alive members (therefore holding majority) than The Innocents. Along with their abilities, the Mafia can perform a Night Kill, which will eliminate a player at the end of that Night Phase.

  • The Third Party is an optional role used a lot in Mafia. In a game of Mafia, the Third Party faction will have their own win condition which will generally involve a secret task they have to perform throughout the game, for example getting themselves lynched or passing around an item and manufacturing it so the holder gets killed.

In terms of how roles interact and action order, a lot of this is decided by the GM themselves, however normally a rule of thumb is that the Mafia Night Kill goes last and therefore all actions proceed this. For example: if a Doctor and Mafia target the same person, the Doctor’s healing action will take place first, protecting that player from the Mafia’s Night Kill.

If there is anything else, please message your GM or @Glitter/@Kitty/@Johnny!

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