A Nice Old Game of Mafia ;) (DAY ONE)

A Nice Old Game of Mafia ;) (DAY ONE)




Ohhh noice, I hadn’t suspected Magi yet. I chose to watch Zos tonight because I figured that if I wasn’t attacked tonight, Spaggy wouldn’t of been attacked yet, Zos might’ve been a good target since she was leaning town and was active. Good game, fellas


The reason I went for Magi was because he was the only one who didn’t vote against Gunner. He was the best place to start shooting.


I noticed that too but admittedly didn’t think much of it. I SHOULD’VE SAW THE SIGNS


I s2g


My easiest win ever


Well, I was really busy at the time and I just didn’t really feel like posting, especially since it wouldn’t have done very much. It was looking alright for one minute, and then I came back a few hours later and three people had votes on Gunner and I just thought “alright”, I guess you can take it that way if you want to though.

Probably should’ve checked that we had a Watcher in play before killing GP too, but I forgot I signed up for this game when I got pinged; I probably wouldn’t have even remembered to post anything if I weren’t Mafia, but congratulations Town :fufu:

I was going to kill jd and feign being Ned, since I narrowed down Homer to either him, Dedenne, or Desox, but fortunately I never had the chance nor the time to face that down.


@Magipika if only you had been able to kill me, I would have won individually…arg.


Denne was Homer I was Lisa