A Nice Old Game of Mafia ;) (DAY ONE)

A Nice Old Game of Mafia ;) (DAY ONE)


I’ll be changing to [Vote] Salzorrah since they haven’t role claimed and nobody has counter claimed Shiny.


O I know I’m gonna lose then, but w/e

I’m Bart, and I know Sideshow Bob will CC and try to lynch me in the process, and with the watch result Shiny gave, I’m pretty much fucked either way so :dyinglol:


So that’s why you were so afraid to roleclaim. :fufu:

Sal is absolutely our Sidshow Bob then.


Why tho? I didnt have the time to roleclaim yesterday, and the reason why I havent done so soon is that I know you wont believe me that I’m Bart.

How are you so sure that I’m Sideshow Bob, unless you’re CCing me Spaget


I am CCing you.


Well, Gunner today and if not Spaget tomorrow… this has been p much decided anyways and day is almost over.

[Vote] Salzorrah



Also just wanna remind everyone of Dedenne’s vote on me over voting on Sal (or voting anyone so quickly) but when it didn’t catch on he changed it to the most popular vote,just seems like tactics we’ve seen before is all I’m sayin.


Smh, this is what Spaget wanted. Really worked out in her favor

[Vote] Specifice


What I wanted? I mean, I’m not the one who visited a dead man. :3c


Sureeee you didnt.

Already told you I never even visited anyone, just so happened you guyd visited Shiny and I got the bad end of the stick



Bart sends messages to players, so I’m not sure that even counts as a visit tbh. But a Mafia kill certainly counts as one.

Forgetting to send an NA in this game doesn’t mean you go to a random person, it means you do nothing. So you actively visited Glitter to kill him.

Did anyone visit Shiny? Where did that come from? I tried to send a message to Zoska, but like I said, the message sent back to me said it failed.


First off, the messages count as a visit, its a night action.

Second, I didnt insinuate that I visited someone else, I’m saying that Shiny’s report was sabotaged and it screwed me hard that the drunk report showed me visiting GP

Also, I’m starting to think you really didnt message anyone, and you’re just baiting Homer out or something.


I didn’t either, but that sure would be convenient if she was sabotaged, wouldn’t it? That might’ve worked out in your favor if you hadn’t claimed a role that I could easily counter.

The only person I asked for a role claim from was you, I don’t want anyone else revealing who they are, since we’ve got a Maf all ready for lynching. :fufu:

You get messages for being roleblocked too, and it seems like I’m the only one that got any message like that.


[Vote] Salzorrah

Seems pretty evident. We may need to be wary of sabotage, however the chances of that are pretty low.


Night One (The REAL One)

@Salzorrah is dead. They were Sideshow Bob.

Bart Simpson will win individually at the end of this game!
Sideshow Bob will NOT win individually at the end of this game!

Mr Burns, Ned Flanders, Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson and Frank Grimes Jr still can individually win at the end of this game… provided they fulfill their win conditions. Note: Lisa needs to LEAD a lynch (by voting first and encouraging people to follow), not just vote along with everyone else.

You will have only two more night phases after the end of this night. The alive players are as listed:
@jdthebud @Desox @Dedenne @Shiny @Specifice @Magipika @Zoska

The alive characters are as listed:

Homer Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson
Ned Flanders
Mr Burns
Frank Grimes Jr

You have 24 hours to submit your NA’s UNLESS they are all submitted within that time.



Give me a god damn break here


Game Over! Town wins! Four players have also won individually!

@jdthebud @Glitter @Desox @Dedenne @Shiny @Specifice @Magipika @Zoska @Salzorrah

Maggie Simpson (@Zoska) , Marge Simpson (@Glitter) , Mr Burns (@Shiny) and Bart Simpson (@Specifice) win individually.

Last night Zoska shot Magipika, the last mafia member… and mafia lost.

Also fun things are potentially coming here so keep an eye out :wink:


Who did Magipika target? Shouldn’t the mafia kill also have happened?


Nah, mafia kill priority is usually the very last action.

Also, good shooty shooty :fufu: