A Nice Old Game of Mafia ;) (DAY ONE)

A Nice Old Game of Mafia ;) (DAY ONE)


Gunner wasn’t saying she’s been roleblocked, though. She’s saying she didn’t use her NA at all, while you’re saying you did see her visit GP.

I’m more inclined to believe the word of a Watcher, but I wanna list the two scenarios I’m thinking of so we know what we could be possibly dealing with. Also, Shiny, if you are the Watcher, you gotta stop revealing D1, girl. Mafia know who to go for now :dyinglol:

Scenario 1: Shiny is telling the truth about seeing Gunner kill GP, in which case we lynch Gunner today and potentially bring the Mafia number down to 1.

Scenario 2: Shiny is lying about being the Watcher and Gunner really didn’t use her NA, securing an innocent lynch right off the bat. In this case, I’d suggest Gunner to reveal her role and we lynch Shiny, potentially bringing the Mafia number down to 1.

Part 2 to Scenario 2, if Shiny is lying, we might be looking for a CC seeing as Desox and Magi haven’t replied yet.


Yeah, she said she forgot to put in an NA, and I got a system message saying my action had failed. If nothing else, if Sal turns out to be telling the truth then we know who to turn to afterwards. :flirt:


Wait, it said you failed? It didn’t say you were roleblocked?

EDIT: Also, we wanna lynch correctly today because we only have 3 days to live.


Yeah, it said “failed” so I’m pretty sure I was sabotaged instead of roleblocked.

Edit: (Didn’t catch that before, thanks for pointing it out lol)


I was referring to Spaggy.

And I’m revealing cause we have three days left anyway, I’m playing in a way I’d find interesting and fun, and if the protection role wants to, they can protect me tonight.

Also you forgot scenario three, Zos. Not as plausible if Spaggy wasn’t* really RB’d. But where I was sabotaged and my buddy just made up a visit. I dont buy the “I forgot” scenario because Spaggy said she was sabotaged and hasnt been corrected yet. Only one person can be sabotaged so if Sal turns out innocent, I think maybe also look into Spaggy, not just me since I could have also been sabotaged but I’m believing Spaggy more rn with no cc.


Only one person can be sabotaged, that’s true, but Mafia still gets to carry out their night kill. And if Sal is the only person you saw visiting Glitter then that would make her the Maf carrying out the night kill. Which should make her Sideshow Bob, yeah?


Almost forgot we had forums, whoops xD

I looked at the scenarios and they seem to be possible, but in terms of technicalities, there is a difference between roleblocking and sabotage. Spaget was notified, and if you’re sabotaged it says that you’re not notified of that visit. So Spaget must’ve been visited by Homer last night.

So either one of you is lying, or Shiny might’ve been sabotaged, but in that situation it says you’d ‘get drunk’ and make up a random visit. There’s a lot of possibilities, but it’s still pretty early in the phase, so we have time to work something out.

Although congratulations to Marge and Maggie for winning so early in the game, haha…
I’m not sure if you get more prestige for winning individually and normally? Or which (if either) of those wins are overridden if you die before the end of the game. All these individual conditions are confusing, but without a leaderboard it’s all just for fun, so I suppose just try to win as much as possible >_>


I can’t CC gunner, in answer to Zoska’s question…

To me, Shiny just coming out with this has no foot nor head, even if it were real. How do you know Salzorrah wasn’t guilty but framed accidentally?
What about this?

Mr Burns: Smithers will get drunk and make up a fake visit

For all we know, even if your claim is real Shiny (cos it’s like 90% evident, your claim), how do we know you weren’t sabotaged?

Also how does Spaget know about being roleblocked this certainly? Because it literally says you cannot know. Thus, Spaggy is lying, thus… EDIT: Wow ninja’d by Magi.

[Vote] Spaget

Shiny = null leading town.
Spaget = null nearing mafia A LOT.
Zoska = town.
Salzorrah = null
Deddenne d’oh, Dedenne = null.
Magipika = town.


I see Shiny is covering her bases how lovely, also being so quick to jump into the thread makes me suspicious. But her claim makes sense and Gunners is a bit sketchy on not sending in her NA but then again I almost forgot so.

I’m a bit busy atm but uhh I don’t see where you wouldnt know if you were roleblocked by Homer. The fact that its noted that Frank Grimes’ target will NOT know and Homers is not noted makes me believe the person targeted by Homer is told.

[vote] Shiny


Now that’s indeed true, I forgot about Homer’s role tbf, so I didn’t even read that. It doesn’t say… Care to clarify @Ho-Oh?

Meanwhile I’ll leave it blank 'cos the rationale behind it is now faulty.

[Unvote] Spaget


The person targeted by Homer is told however the person targeted by Frank Grimes is not told.


Jsyk I figured “not knowing they were targeted by this character” just meant there wouldn’t be any obvious clue that it was that character that visited, but the not being notified thing makes more sense. So failed = roleblocked.

Got it lol


Oh, also, Des how do you know you can’t CC Sal when she hasn’t claimed a role yet? At least, I don’t think she has.

And tbf, no one has CC’d Shiny either and she openly told us her role.


That’s why I pointed that out, I also wasn’t sure if there could be double RBs cause I’m a dumb. I said there was a possibility I was sabotauged, so…

I’m not sure Spaggy is Maf because you wouldn’t know of being sabotagued, but with Homer being the RBer (my eyes skipped over that some-fucking-how) it makes sense now.

Idk how a vote on me makes much sense considering I could just get CC’d, I wouldn’t jump so soon to claim a role so soon Day 1 as mafia but ok :ok_hand: I’ma wait a tad bit longer on who I should vote for, still leaning on Sal, though since that’s my only lead.


Roughly 16 hours left!


Sal, roleclaim? :eyes:


So to me, the most who seems sus are Sal (for my only lead) and Dedenne

Since we only have less than 16 hours left, I’ll make my vote. I’m counting on the fact of it being kind of unlikely to forget to do a NA.

[Vote] Salzorrah


The lack of defense is concerning…still wondering why Desox said he can’t CC Sal when she didn’t tell us her role, so there’s that too.

[Vote] Salzorrah


I wasn’t even talking about him CC’ing Gunner, I was talking about him CC’ing Shiny, so I think he’s confused? :dyinglol:

Anyway, I’ma [Vote] Salzorrah, too.


Ohhhh, yeah, yeah, that makes more sense I guess lol