30 days of Super Smash Bros Challenge!

30 days of Super Smash Bros Challenge!


Day 18: What is your favorite alternate character costumes?

He doesn’t need a shirt

Or pants

Jk I like blue Kirb


Or good shoes, not even that guy can pull off crocs


I bet kirby could


Day 18: What is your favorite alternate character costumes?


Day 18: What is your favorite alternate character costumes?



  1. Favorite Pokemon representative?
    Lucario/Incineroar. I didn’t like Incineroar at first but it grew on me

  2. Favorite third party representative?
    Hmmm I guess cloud but idk he isn’t great in smash imo

  3. Your least favorite character?
    Probably Pikachu. Never been a fan of pikachu. Or diddy kong maybe.

  4. Favorite newcomer for Ultimate? (or from any past titles)
    Favorite newcomer would have to be Incineroar. If we get a xenoblade rep as dlc though, that takes over :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. Most favorite single player mode?
    Uh idk I haven’t played smash a ton

  6. Your most favorite smash game?
    I really liked brawl tbh

  7. Your least favorite smash game?
    4 because that’s the only other one I’ve played lol

  8. What is your favorite alternate character costumes?
    I like Lucina’s costumes.


1. What was the first Smash Bros game you played?
Super Smash Bros. 64, either back when it released or a few months after.

2. Which character do you main? (favorite)
I’ve never really had a main…which is odd considering how long I’ve been playing lol. But Dark Pit/Pitto weirdly resonated with me back on SSB4 and now he’s my first. Hell, even got an amiibo of 'im as a result.

3. What is your favorite stage?


…Um…Big…Blue? I dunno, I like a lot of the stages but I’d say the stages that stand out more to me the ones I dislike more than the others rather than the other way around. I’m pretty middled.

4. Do you play competitively? Have you entered any tournaments?
No and no, closest thing we’ve come to is a bunch of friends holding tournaments. Those were fun.

5. Do you prefer timed or stock battles?
Stock’s always resonated more with me for some reason, but I like both.

6. What is your favorite item?
Hard so say, might have to come back to this one.

7. What is your favorite final smash?
None really but certain ones stand out to me as being cooler than others. Mega Man’s for instance was just the best piece of fanservice they could’ve introduced.

8. What is your favorite assist trophy?
Probably Lyn.

It tastes like sadness and broken dreams.

9. What is your favorite pokeball/masterball pokemon?
Another tough one but the legendaries in SSBM were always fun to play around with. Dunno why it always felt the most fun in that game but I remember doing pokeball only battles against friends with high droprates, maybe we did it with Brawl too, but it was a joy. So yeah, the legendaries probably.

Might turn out to be Ditto in 5 though.

10. Have you played subspace emissary? Do you think it should return?
Yes and no but

but but but

I was a really big fan of the concept, story, and cinematics in the mode. It’ll never stand up to SSBM’s Adventure mode (which I loooved) but the production value on the cutscenes were glorious and the story was…well, Kingdom Hearts, but fun. One unappreciated part of it is that the story adapted to your choices, half of which were gameplay choices rather that choices where you picked something or someone, and that was a really interesting design decision.

So my “no” is mostly to the idea that I just wanted them to look at what they had and improve on it because it could’ve been better than what it was and the future’s absolutely boundless. If we got something like it again I’d be hopeful as hell.

Just uh…bring back Adventure Mode pls.

11. Favorite Pokemon representative?
Probably Mewtwo for just how much of an oddity he was back in the day. A lot of people even thought he was a myth and I remember it being early morning when I finally unlocked him. Couldn’t wait to tell my brother about it I was so excited.

Then when I actually got to play as him he was…odd. He was heavier than expected but his telepathic abilities also made him seem contrarily light. While I never spent too much time as him I think he’s probably the one I have the fondest memories of.

Other than that, Squirtle’s super fun to use thanks to how light and mobile he is, SSE gets you real acquainted with him. And I like Pichu and Pikachu as well.

12. Favorite third party representative?
Hm…Cloud’s pretty fun but I think Bayonetta steals the show by a mile due to just how fun she is to use.

Snake’d probably be my second place if only for how faithful they managed to make him despite everything in the way as well as the Otaconversations. Also box.

13. Your least favorite character?
Hm…I feel like I did have an answer for this at one point. I don’t really know. It probably actually is Diddy Kong I guess?

14. Favorite newcomer for Ultimate? (or from any past titles)
Look if I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been pretty hands-off with these new characters. I watched their reveals but little else so right now I don’t have one. Plus I can’t see the future.

But if I’m gonna be real, I’m probably gonna be an Isabelle main and bark bark all over the haters. I’m not even a big Isabelle fan but like

I also feel like I won’t have a choice.

15. Most favorite single player mode?
Melee’s challenge mode and nothing else has ever come close. I’ve been waiting over a decade for something to rival that but nadda.

16. Your most favorite smash game?
Melee. Not for mechanics, mostly for modes and the overall feel of it. Just being in that atmosphere feels so good and the roster and content are fun as hell. It’s why I’ve never gotten into Project M despite this, it doesn’t scratch the same itch.

17. Your least favorite smash game?
Brawl. It’s very content light and the overall atmosphere just isn’t as fun. SSB4 is a collection of hit or misses and I’ve played it substantially less than Brawl but I think for all the time I spent in Brawl there was…dislike for certain things, while with SSB4 I think there was more indifference but it still had a better idea of what it was doing.

18. What is your favorite alternate character costumes?
A lot of them are good, I dunno if I could choose.

…Also I don’t remember what most of them look like.


Day 19… It should come as no surprise that it’s Bayonetta, given I hate her in Smash 4 for being that game’s Brawl Meta Knight all over again.


Day 18: What is your favorite alternate character costumes?

I don’t know, Pikachu with the red trainer hat or evil-looking Toon Link? I don’t know the story behind them that well so no strong opinions here.


Day 19: Who do you hate playing the most against?

Little Mac :angery:



I hate little mac


Day 19: Who do you hate playing the most against?

Getting the obvious Bayo answer out of the way…I actually hate fighting against other Corrins. I find her moveset annoying when used against me :dyinglol:


Day 19: Who do you hate playing the most against?

I’ve never played against Bayonetta, Little Mac, or Corrin… none of them have any screentime in Brawl >_> Funny story, I actually played Smash while I was away with my friends so I have a little bit of fresh experience to make judgements on, so I’ll just say screw Bowser and walk away.


Pray you never fight Radi’s Corrin <_<"""


Day 20: Do you like the concept of echo fighters?

I’m kind indifferent, but I do prefer having an echo fighter than not having a new fighter at all. The more characters I can choose between, the better~


Day 20… Honestly, I feel Echo Fighters are a bit better as they’re clearly advertised as clones rather than trying to be pushed as a new character. This can be seen in how new Echo Fighters are generally received a bit better than older ones, as there’s no perception they’re “stealing” character slots that could be better used by someone else (with an especially infamous being Dark Pit, who beyond slightly stronger arrows that are near-uncontrollable and a different arc to the side special, is essentially the same as Pit).


Day 20: Do you like the concept of echo fighters

Indifferent, probably will like them quite a bit later on


Day 19: Who do you hate playing the most against?
Shulk and Ike

Day 20: Do you like the concept of echo fighters?
I actually really like it, it’s far better than having the same character take up space in your roster. (Cough, cough Dr. Mario, cough) I’m so glad Daisy got to finally make an official appearance as a character! I feel like the devs caught wind of the mods people would put in their smash games and are doing that officially now XD


Day 20: Do you like the concept of echo fighters?

Yes, the devs themselves have said that echo fighters don’t take much time to make. It makes some characters who would otherwise be completely left out or would have to be reworked to become a unique fighter.


Day 20: Do you like the concept of echo fighters?

I guess echo fighters are alright… I’m not sure exactly what role they’ll take in the story or how they’ll be implemented in the gameplay itself, but if it allows fans to play as characters they like without the time-consuming work tweaking entirely new movesets which don’t break the game, I think they could be alright.