Frequently Asked Questions

What forum software does Safari Zone use?

We use a modified version of the open source Discourse software.

Why isn’t feature X working?

We probably know about it. The site is very new and we’re still ironing out the kinks. If you want to be sure we know about a potential bug, post a topic in Questions and Feedback!

Can you add feature Y?

Quite possibly! We’re always looking for new ideas, especially with the site so new. Post about it in the aforementioned feedback category and staff will have a look.

Who owns Safari Zone?

This site is owned by @Fletch.

What do the colored circles next to avatars mean?

The circle denotes a user’s primary staff group. Mouse over it to see the name, and visit a user’s profile to see all their groups. If the icon inside the circle is a star instead of that group’s traditional icon, that means that this user is a senior staff member of their team.

What are the staff groups?

  • Zine Staff are staff writers for The Safari Zine, our upcoming Pokémon webzine and news outlet.

  • Social Birbs are our media team, and run our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

  • Discord Staff manage the Safari Zone Discord server.

  • Designers and Programmers are responsible for designing and implementing new features and themes for the site.

  • Battle Server Staff develop and manage the Safari Zone Battle server.

  • Moderators and Forum Leaders are in charge of forum work, including closing and moderating topics, granting badges, and dealing with troublesome users.

  • Higher Staff are the community leaders, a group comprised of Forum Leaders and the senior staff of all teams. As it is made up of leaders of several groups, the higher staff team does not have a particular colour, but is instead denoted by a star replacing the user’s group icon.

The current staff list can be found here. Most of the time, entry into the staff groups is by invite only. Occasionally certain groups may open up applications.

How do I donate? What perks do I get?

We are currently not set up to handle donations. This is subject to change in the future.

What are topics?

A topic is a group of ordered posts that form a conversation. If you’re from traditional internet forums, you’ve probably seen it called a thread.

How do I format my posts?

See our Formatting Guide.

What are badges?

Badges are small awards that display on your user card and profile. There are two types of badges, and you can read about both and the process to obtain them here.

You can view your current badges on the Badges tab of your profile.